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Andreas Wilhelm Schwarzlose (born July 31, 1867 in Wust ; † April 18, 1936 in Berlin-Charlottenburg ) was a Prussian weapons designer and entrepreneur who was best known for the 07/12 machine gun introduced by the Austro-Hungarian military .


Andreas Wilhelm Schwarzlose was born in Wust near Brandenburg in 1867 as the son of a farmer. After his military service in Austria-Hungarian army, he attended an artillery - Technical School , which he completed successfully. Then he did an apprenticeship in the "weapon city" Suhl in Thuringia .

In 1897 he founded the AW Schwarzlose GmbH in Berlin together with the entrepreneurs Max Schoeller and Christian Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Öhringen


Schwarzlose "standard"
Schwarzlose model 1909
Schwarzlose machine gun

Andreas Wilhelm Schwarzlose dealt with self-loading pistols very early on . On December 14, 1892, he applied for a first patent (No. 70130, granted in 1893) for a design with a rotating block closure that was conceptually similar to the repeating pistols that were widespread at the time . The pistol was complex and not very practical, only a few prototypes were created.

In 1897 Schwarzlose received a patent for a “ knee joint lock for automatic firearms with a fixed barrel ”, as it was later to be used in his machine gun. The first handgun to be produced in significant numbers, the Schwarzlose Standard (British patent no. 1934 of April 23, 1898), had a twist lock similar to the later Steyr M1912 , a very advanced design for its time. Presumably fewer than 1000 copies were made.

The pocket pistol model 1909 had an unusual Blow-Forward closure (this is closure and running move in the back movement forward ). The corresponding patent was granted in 1908 (No. 194.921). A total of around 8,000 copies were manufactured, with Warner Arms Corporation (WAC) marketing the model in the United States in 1909 and possibly also producing it itself. In any case, the company, now in Davis-Warner-Arms-Corp. renamed, until 1919 a successor model called “Infallible” .

A model 1909 with the subsequently attached serial number 1 was in the personal possession of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Machine gun Schwarzlose

The Schwarzlose machine gun was initially produced by Kynoch under license in Great Britain and from 1905 by the Österreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft (OeWG) in Steyr . It had a delayed locking mechanism with a knee joint and a fixed barrel, so it wasn't rigidly locked like the Maxim machine gun (or the Parabellum pistol ).

Variants of the Schwarzlose machine gun were used in addition to the Austro-Hungarian, among other things, by the Dutch and Swedish armed forces .

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