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Anton Schlecker (* 28. October 1944 in Ehingen (Donau) ) is a German entrepreneur and founder of Schlecker - drugstores .


At the age of 21, Anton Schlecker was the youngest master butcher in Baden-Württemberg at the time, working in his parents' business, which consisted of 17 butchers and a meat factory.

Headquarters of the Schlecker company in Ehingen (2007)

In 1975 he opened his first drugstore in Kirchheim unter Teck . Two years later there were more than 100 branches. In 2008 there were more than 15,000 branches of the Schlecker drugstore chain with around 50,000 employees and an annual turnover of 7 billion euros. Anton Schlecker was a member of Lidl's supervisory board . On 28 February 2006 he had to be mandated to resign because the Lidl range extended to drugstore products and Schlecker became a competitor. Anton Schlecker was one of the largest investors in Lidl's expansion. He subscribed to participation certificates worth over 75 million euros.

On January 23, 2012 Anton Schlecker filed an application to open insolvency proceedings over the drugstore chain and the entire property. With a resolution dated March 28, 2012, the insolvency proceedings were opened. In the course of this, the insolvency administrator Arndt Geiwitz sold the foreign subsidiaries to other companies, the German Schlecker branches were gradually closed until the end of June 2012, the XL branches followed a short time later. The Vitalsana mail order pharmacy was taken over as part of a management buyout .


According to Manager Magazin , the Anton Schleckers family had total assets of around 1.95 billion euros in 2011, making it 56th among the 500 richest Germans this year .

After the bankruptcy in January 2012, Schlecker's daughter Meike stated that his and the family's assets had been consumed and no significant assets were left. According to Manager Magazin , the family still had around 70,000 euros a month (from the assets of the children and the wife).

Legal proceedings

In 1998, the condemned Stuttgart District Court , the couple Schlecker by punishment to imprisonment of ten months on probation and fined in the amount of one million euros because they fake a tariff payment Schlecker-workers. In fact, the wages were lower, which the court judged to be a fraud .

On July 18, 2012, the Stuttgart public prosecutor announced that an investigation had been initiated against Schlecker and 13 other suspects on suspicion of breach of trust , delay in bankruptcy and bankruptcy . By August 12, the search warrant came into the hands of the news magazine Der Spiegel . As a registered businessman, Anton Schlecker could not be prosecuted for delaying bankruptcy.

On April 13, 2016, the Stuttgart public prosecutor brought charges against Schlecker again for deliberate bankruptcy in 36 cases. His wife Christa and the two children Meike and Lars had to answer for aiding and abetting. The children were also accused of bankruptcy and infidelity. Before the announcement of the bankruptcy in 2012, the entrepreneurs are said to have put aside millions. The criminal process before the Stuttgart Regional Court began on March 6, 2017. In addition to the four family members, two employees of the auditing company Ernst & Young were also accused . According to the public prosecutor's office, Anton Schlecker is said to have known of the impending insolvency and nevertheless in 36 cases stashed assets in the millions, thereby removing them from the creditors' access. 13 cases are even particularly severe cases of bankruptcy because Schlecker acted out of profit-seeking.

On November 27, 2017 Chamber of the District Court sentenced Stuttgart Anton Schlecker to two years imprisonment on probation and his children to prison terms without parole.

On December 12, 2017, civil proceedings against Anton Schlecker's wife and children began at the Linz Regional Court .


Anton Schlecker has been married to Christa Schlecker since 1971 and they have two children: Lars Schlecker (* 1971) and Meike Schlecker (* 1973). The family lives in Ehingen. Both Schleckers wife and the children were in the group management operates the business.

Abduction of the Schlecker children

On December 23, 1987, Lars and Meike Schlecker were kidnapped. On the following day Anton Schlecker paid a ransom of 9.6 million DM to the kidnappers. The children had already freed themselves when the money was handed over. The perpetrators were caught in 1998 and sentenced to seven and a half years imprisonment for these and seven other offenses each of thirteen and a half years, and another man involved in some of the crimes.


For the Sat.1 production Die Schlikkerfrauen , the actor Sky du Mont played a character modeled on Anton Schlecker.

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