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Work preparation (including job preparation short AV called in Switzerland AVOR usual, generally also production planning and control ) includes internal measures to prepare for the production required of products. So it forms the link between the construction and the actual production and assembly . In the GDR the term technological production preparation was used for this . Work preparation is often divided into:

  • The work planning or production planning : This includes all planning measures once occur to ensure the efficient production, including resource planning and design. It defines what , how and with what should be manufactured. It is further subdivided into
    • Work flow planning (planning of processes, sequences, etc.) and the
    • Work system planning (planning of workplaces, factories and the like)
  • The work control or production control : It deals with the repeatedly occurring tasks and is responsible for all measures to order processing, for which the appropriate conditions have been created by the work plan. It defines who , when , how much and where should be manufactured. The work control is thus identical to the production planning and control .

Work preparation is often referred to as the position or department whose area of ​​responsibility is work preparation.

Work planning

Work planning includes all planning tasks that occur once. It is also known as production planning and defines what, how and with what is to be produced. According to REFA , it is further subdivided into workflow planning and work system planning . The former determines, among other things, the order in which products are to be assembled or manufactured, while the latter deals with the planning of work systems . This can range from entire factories ( factory planning ) to individual workplaces . Work system planning has a rather long-term planning horizon, while work flow planning has a rather short-term horizon.

Workflow planning

The following sub-areas are mentioned in the specialist literature:

Work system planning

Work system planning encompasses the more long-term planning activities. The following areas are mentioned in the specialist literature:

Work control

The main tasks of work control include:

The basis for the execution of the order are the work processes and standard times specified in the work plans . Other important data are the capacities of employees, machines and equipment that are available in the current situation, i. H. the number of available working hours in the future periods.

Work preparation in practice

The temporal scope of the above tasks, depending on the company or production type and production type very different. The scope of work planning activities (work process planning, standard time calculation, etc.) is often predominant in companies that do single and small batch production . In series production, work control is often decisive. In companies with mass production , special systems are mostly used for production. The main focus here is on the development, construction and constant optimization of manufacturing equipment, i.e. H. in the field of factory planning. The production of a wide variety of products in series or mass production (e.g. automotive industry) is also usually associated with great effort for material disposition.


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