Aschbach (moss ointment)

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upper course: Rambach
Walzweiher near the Aschbach estuary

Walzweiher near the Aschbach estuary

Water code DE : 2642624
location Palatinate Forest


River system Rhine
Drain over Moosalbe  → Schwarzbach  → Blies  → Saar  → Moselle  → Rhine  → North Sea
source of the upper reaches of Rambach, southeast of Kaiserslautern- Mölschbach
49 ° 22 ′ 11 ″  N , 7 ° 50 ′ 10 ″  E
Source height 428  m above sea level NHN
muzzle north of Schopp from the right into the Moosalbe Coordinates: 49 ° 22 '9 "  N , 7 ° 41' 42"  E 49 ° 22 '9 "  N , 7 ° 41' 42"  E
Mouth height about  310  m above sea level NHN
Height difference about 118 m
Bottom slope about 8.1 ‰
length 14.6 km (with Rambach )
Catchment area 60.461 km²
Reservoirs flowed through Walzweiher

The Aschbach , called Rambach for almost half its length from the source , is an almost 15 km long right tributary of the Moosalbe in the north-western Palatinate Forest ( Rhineland-Palatinate ).




According to the official maps, the upper reaches of the Aschbach is called Rambach almost as far as the hamlet Weiherfelderhof . Its source is 428  m above sea level on the southern slope of a small valley east of Mölschbach , which belongs to Kaiserslautern as a local district .

After 1.4 km, the Rambach on the southern edge of Mölschbach takes on a tributary from the left, the Eulenmühlenbach , which at the confluence with its 2.5 km length exceeds that of the Rambach itself. The source of the Eulenmühlenbach, the so-called Schreederbrunnen at 431  m above sea level, has been set in stone since 1935.

From the confluence, the water initially flows as Rambach through Mölschbach. On the border between the city and the district of Kaiserslautern , just before the Weiherfelderhof, the name changes to Aschbach .


Later the Aschbach passes the hamlet of Aschbacherhof , which belongs to Trippstadt, and the Alte Schmelz . From Kreisstraße  53, which leads to Stelzenberg , the creek follows the border between Kaiserslautern and the district to the hamlet Espensteig , which is in the Hohenecken district of Kaiserslautern . The local community of Stelzenberg borders here in the south. At Espensteig, the water turns south and is now 3 km away from the Biebermühlbahn and the federal road 270 (Kaiserslautern– Pirmasens ). In this section of the valley, the Aschbach flows through a Woog , the approximately 10-hectare Walzweiher . Soon after its weir , the stream flows into the moss ointment, which is significantly poorer in water here, from the right at the abandoned Karlstal stop north of Schopp .


  • Eulenmühlenbach ( left ), 1.5 miles
  • Stünebächel ( right ), 0.5 km
  • Neuer Letzbach ( right ), 1.3 km
  • Hirschsprungbach ( left ), 3.9 km
  • Schützenackerbach ( left ), 3.1 km
  • Bärenbach ( right ), 1.7 km
  • Hohenecker Mühlbach ( right ), 4.8 km, 1 km before its mouth to 11.5 hectares Gelterswoog jammed

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