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Asparagus herb of the vegetable asparagus or garden asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)

Asparagus herb of the vegetable asparagus or garden asparagus ( Asparagus officinalis )

Subdivision : Seed plants (Spermatophytina)
Class : Bedecktsamer (Magnoliopsida)
Order : Asparagales (Asparagales)
Family : Asparagaceae (Asparagaceae)
Subfamily : Asparagoideae
Scientific name

The subfamily of asparagoideae belongs to the family of asparagaceae (Asparagaceae) within the order of asparagus-like (Asparagales). The family comprises two genera . It can be found worldwide. The best known is the vegetable asparagus or garden asparagus ( Asparagus officinalis ), some asparagus species and their varieties are ornamental plants, especially for rooms.

Illustration of the vegetable asparagus or garden asparagus ( Asparagus officinalis )


Vegetative characteristics

They are perennial herbaceous plants or woody plants: shrubs or lianas . In many species, the leaves are reduced and the stems take on the task of photosynthesis. The perennial herbaceous species have rhizomes as persistent organs. If there are leaves then they are alternate, simple, parallel-veined and entire. The leaves are often only scaly and membranous. Stipules are missing.

Generative characteristics

The flowers stand alone or in completely different inflorescences . The relatively small, threefold flowers are hermaphroditic or unisexual. If the flowers are unisexual then these plant species can be monoecious ( monoecious ) or dioecious ( dioecious ) separately sexed. There are six equally protean bloom cladding exist, their color is green, white or yellow. There are two circles with three stamens each; they are free to each other but fused with the base of the bracts. In the hermaphrodite and male flowers, all of the stamens are fertile . The female flowers have staminodes and septal nectaries . Three carpels have become a top permanent ovary grown. The stylus is at most as long as the ovary.

There are berries formed.


The molecular genetic investigations in the last ten years have led to the fact that the family boundaries within the order of the Asparagales have shifted significantly. So corresponds to the earlier extent of the Asparagaceae s. st. Today only a subfamily (asparagoideae) in the family of asparagaceae (Asparagaceae). The Asparagoideae were first described in 1837 by Hermann Burmeister in the Handbuch der Naturgeschichte . The type genus is Asparagus L.

There are only two genera in the subfamily Asparagoideae:

  • Asparagus ( Asparagus L. , Syn .: Asparagopsis Kunth , Elachanthera F. Muell. , Myrsiphyllum Willd. , Protasparagus Oberm. ): The center of the biodiversity of the over 200 to about 220 species is the Capensis , but there are also species in Europe.
  • Hemiphylacus S. Watson : The five species are common in Mexico.


Individual evidence

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