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Augsburger Hof was the name of a since September 1848 existing political group in the National Assembly in Frankfurt . As with most parliamentary groups in the National Assembly, the name refers to the usual place of assembly of members of the parliamentary group in Frankfurt am Main . It was in the wine tavern of the Augsburger Hof next to the Trierischer Hof at Trierischer Plätze, at the corner of Töngesgasse , and during trade fairs, the residence of Augsburg merchants in the city.

The Augsburger Hof was a spin-off of more conservative MPs from the left-wing liberal faction Württemberger Hof . The faction members pursued a small German solution and advocated a constitutional monarchy .

The parliamentary group included politicians such as Karl Biedermann , August Emmerling , August Friedrich Gfrörer , Carl Joseph Anton Mittermaier , Robert von Mohl , Julius Ostendorf , Gabriel Riesser , Gustav von Rümelin , Gustav von Schlör , Philipp Wilhelm Wernher , Gustav Adolf Harald Stenzel and Adolf von Zerzog .


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