Châlons-en-Champagne – Reims railway line

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Châlons-en-Champagne – Reims
Sentry box at Sillery and Battlefield, 1918
Sentry box at Sillery and Battlefield, 1918
Route number (SNCF) : 81,000
Route length: 56.6 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Power system : Châlons - Saint-Hilaire
25 kV, 50 Hz  ~
Maximum slope : 12 
Dual track : Yes
Route - straight ahead
Railway Paris – Strasbourg from Strasbourg
Station, station
169.7 Châlons-en-Champagne 83 m
Station without passenger traffic
Dépôt de Châlons
Gleisdreieck - straight ahead, to the left, from the left
Triage de Chalons Paris-Strasbourg railway n. Paris-Est
Bridge over watercourse (medium)
173.0 Marne
Bridge over watercourse (medium)
Canal latéral à la Marne (Marne Lateral Canal)
179.9 La-Veuve 112 m
Road bridge
N 44
Road bridge
A 4
Station, station
186.1 Saint-Hilaire-au-Temple 123 m
Gleisdreieck - straight ahead, to the right, ex from the right
186.2 Railway line Saint-Hilaire – Hagondange to Hagondange
186.4 LGV Est européenne to Paris-Est
Bridge over watercourse (medium)
Vesle (70 m)
Stop, stop
190.6 Bouy 113 m
Camp de Mourmelon
Station, station
196.1 Mourmelon-le-Petit 107 m
Stop, stop
201.7 Sept-Saulx 98 m
Stop, stop
205.6 Val-de-Vesle (formerly Wez-Thuizy) 95 m
Stop, stop
209.2 Prunay 91 m
Station, station
212.2 Sillery 89 m
216.0 Reims-St-Léonard
Road bridge
218.4 A 34
222.1 Reims-Cérès 95 m
Gleisdreieck - straight ahead, to the right, from the right
Railway Soissons – Givet from / n. Givet
Gleisdreieck - straight ahead, to the right, from the right
Railway Reims – Laon from / n. Laon
Station, station
226.3 Reims 84 m
Railway line Épernay – Reims to Épernay
Route - straight ahead
Railway Soissons – Givet to Soissons

The Châlons-en-Champagne – Reims railway is a double-track , 56.6 km long railway line in Grand Est , France. The kilometering was done from the Paris-Est train station . From the train station in Châlons-en-Champagne, it connects the Paris – Strasbourg line with the northern arrondissement capital of Reims .


On July 3, 1857, the concession was granted by the Minister of Public Works to build a rail link between Châlons and the Châlons military camp. This military camp on 14,000  hectares had been completely rebuilt. Due to its high military importance, the 25 km long route could already be put into operation on October 14th of the same year in the presence of the emperor. In order to be able to adhere to the agreed construction time, all engineering structures were initially made of wood. The route was operated by the young railway company Chemin de fer de l'Est .

The extension to Reims was inaugurated on August 15, 1863. There were no major differences in altitude to be overcome, but there were numerous streams and roads that required culverts and level crossings. Since almost all dams had to be built up for the route due to the soft subsoil, the railroad crossings of the roads required the construction of ramps. Overall, this section of the route cost CHF 2.5 million .

The route is equipped with an automatic traffic light block control (BAL) for train protection. In 2007, the line between Châlons-en-Champagne and Saint-Hilaire-au-Temple was electrified.

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