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Balthasar Benjamin Kindermann (born April 10, 1636 in Zittau , † February 12, 1706 in Magdeburg ) was a German poet .


Kindermann, the son of a sword sweeper , attended high school in his hometown of Zittau and was supported there by Elias Weise. In 1654 he matriculated in Wittenberg for theology, but at the same time he also heard poetry and rhetoric from August Buchner . In 1657 he obtained a master's degree in theology. Just one year later crowned him Johann Rist for poet laureate and took him in 1660 in the Elbschwanenorden on.

In 1659 Kindermann was appointed vice principal of the Saldern School in the old town of Brandenburg and in 1664 its principal . In 1660 he married Dorothea Schiffner, the daughter of a Swedish captain, with whom he had 4 sons and 2 daughters. In 1667 he went to Magdeburg to work there as a deacon at St. John's Church . From 1672 he was the first preacher at St. Ulrich's Church. Here he was the successor to Christian Scriver in the seniorate in 1690 ; later also Scholarch .

Kindermann's work is extraordinarily varied; it includes satirical “poems” in the style of Johann Michael Moscherosch , poetological and rhetorical writings, collections of poetry as well as several plays.

Works (selection)

  • The evil seven. Zeitz 1662
  • Book of the Righteous. Kuerstin 1661
  • The German poet. Wittenberg 1664
  • The German speaker. Frankfurt / Oder 1660
  • The Virgins ABC Wittenberg 1661
  • Kurandors von Sittau New faces. Wittenberg 1673
  • Song of praise for the Zerbster beer. Wittenberg 1658
  • Schoristen-Teuffel. Jena 1661
  • Unfortunate Nisette. Frankfurt / Oder 1660

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