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Bernd Färber (born March 28, 1978 in Augsburg ) is a German actor.

Färber studied acting from 1998 to 2002 at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg , with Uwe Berend, Urs Troller, Regine Lutz , Hansjörg Utzerath , Sabine Andreas and Gerd Wameling , among others . This was followed by engagements at the Rheinisches Landestheater Neuss , Schauspiel Bonn , Schmidt Theater Hamburg, at the Neue Bühne Senftenberg and from 2014 at the Volkstheater Rostock .


  • 2003: " Schwabenkinder ". Director: Jo Baier , BR
  • 2008: "Pension Schmidt"
    • Episode 1: "The hunger for love". Director: Geli Fuchs , NDR
    • Episode 2: "The State Visit". Director: Geli Fuchs, NDR

Role selection

  • Emcee in "Cabaret" by Kander / Ebb. Director: Daniel Pfluger
  • R.Tramplemain in "The Naked Madness" vMFrayn. Director: Andreas Merz-Raykov
  • Richard in "Richard III" by W. Shakespeare. Director: Angelika Zacek
  • Peer Gynt in "Peer Gynt" by H. Ibsen. Director: Konstanze Lauterbach
  • Gerdt Minde in “Grete Minde” by Theodor Fontane . Director: Kay Wuschek
  • Max in “The Concept of Romantic Love” by Oliver Bukowski . Director: Kai Festersen
  • Willi Wegener in "The Three from the Gas Station" by Frank / Schulz. Director: Thomas Goritzki
  • Mr. Rieber in "Ship of Dreams" by F. Fellini. Director: Konstanze Lauterbach
  • Wurm in “Kabale und Liebe” by Fr. Schiller. Director: Kay Wuschek
  • Purl in "Some Messages to Space" by Wolfram Lotz . Director: Christoph Bornmüller
  • Bèchut / Baucantin in "The Piggy Bank" by E. Labiche. Director: Johanna Schall
  • Hettore Gonzaga in "Emilia Galotti" by GE Lessing. Director: Kay Wuschek
  • Father in "Shockheaded Peter" by Crouch / McDermott. Director: Volker Metzler
  • Büchner in “Spur der Steine” after Neutsch. Director: Albert Lang
  • Jürgen in "Ingrid Babendererde" by Teschke / Johnson. Directed by Sewan Latchinian
  • Fernando in "Stella" by Goethe. Director: Amina Gusner
  • Harpagon in "The Miser" by Molière. Directed by Sewan Latchinian
  • Alfred P.Dolittle in "My Fair Lady" by Lerner / Loewe. Director: Johannes Zametzer
  • Soldier / father in “A Child of Our Time” by Horváth. Director: Nicole Oder
  • Devil in "Jedermann" by Hofmannsthal / Wekwerth. Directed by Sewan Latchinian
  • Young man in "Bash - Pieces of the Last Days" by LaBute. Director: Beatrix Schwarzbach
  • Lysander in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Directed by Sewan Latchinian
  • Tusenbach in "The Three Sisters" by Chekhov. Directed by Sewan Latchinian
  • Light in “The Broken Jug” by Kleist. Director: Peter Schroth
  • Saladin in "Nathan the Wise" by Lessing. Directed by Sewan Latchinian
  • Roderigo in "Othello" by Shakespeare. Director: Goetz Loepelmann
  • George Pigden in Cooney's Out of Control. Director: Thomas Matschoss
  • Emcee in “Stau” by Troller. Director: Urs Troller
  • Billy in "Deer and Hens" by Willy Russell . Director: Gerd Wameling
  • Piccolo in “Im Weißen Rössl” by Benatzky. Director: Josef Ernst Köpplinger


  • 2001: Max Reinhard Solo Prize at the meeting of German-speaking acting students in Bern
  • 2003: Prize of the friends and sponsors of the RLT Neuss
  • 2005/06: Mention as the best young actor in NRW by the magazine "Theater pur"
  • 2010: Theater Prize of the Friends of the New Stage Senftenberg

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