Diocese of Copenhagen (Roman Catholic)

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Diocese of Copenhagen (Roman Catholic)
Map of the Bishopric of Copenhagen (Roman Catholic)
Basic data
Country Denmark
Ecclesiastical province Immediate
Diocesan bishop Czeslaw Kozon
founding 1868
surface 2,160,570 km²
Parishes 45 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
Residents 5,699,000 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
Catholics 44,000 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
proportion of 0.8%
Diocesan priest 39 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
Religious priest 28 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
Catholics per priest 657
Permanent deacons 9 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
Friars 33 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
Religious sisters 98 (December 31, 2015 / AP 2017 )
rite Roman rite
Liturgical language Danish
cathedral St. Ansgar
address Katolsk Bispekontor
Bredgade 69 A
1260 København K, Danmark
Website www.katolsk.dk

The Diocese of Copenhagen ( Latin Dioecesis Hafniae ) is the only Catholic diocese in Denmark and includes the entire Kingdom of Denmark, including the Faroe Islands and Greenland . In terms of area, it is one of the largest dioceses in the world. As an exemte diocese, it is directly subordinate to the Holy See . The bishopric is located in the capital Copenhagen . The diocesan patron is Saint Ansgar , the apostle of Scandinavia.

coat of arms
St. Ansgar Cathedral, Copenhagen


The Kingdom of Denmark introduced the Reformation in 1536; the Catholic bishops were deposed and replaced by new Lutheran superintendents (who reassumed the title of bishop in the 17th century). Only in the 19th century did Catholic missionaries from the Apostolic Vicariate of the North return to the country and on August 7, 1868 they founded the Apostolic Vicariate North Mission , which was under the direct control of the Holy See and included the area of ​​Denmark. Then there was Bornholm from the Swedish Vicariate and Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands from the North Pole Mission . Just one year later it was downgraded to the Apostolic Prefecture of Denmark and on March 15, 1892, it was elevated to the Apostolic Vicariate of Denmark . In 1920, North Schleswig came from the Apostolic Prefecture of Schleswig-Holstein to the Danish Vicariate with the Breve Quae catholico . On June 12, 1923 Iceland gave up the founding of the Apostolic Prefecture of Iceland . On April 29, 1953 was with the bull Certiores facti by Pius XII. the diocese of Copenhagen was founded. The approximately 35,000 diocesans are predominantly immigrants and their descendants.


According to the chronicle of Adam of Bremen from 1076, Greenland was already Christian at that time. In the first quarter of the 12th century there was a bishopric in Gardar (now Igaliku ). The diocese of Gardar was established in 1126 and dissolved in 1378, but re-established in 1996 as the titular diocese of Gardar . The arrival of the Inuit on Greenland seems to have put an end to the Catholic Church on the island from 1400 onwards. From the 18th century a new mission took place by Protestant preachers. The 300 or so Catholics in Greenland today belong to the only Catholic parish in Greenland, the Christ König parish in Nuuk, founded in 1958 . It is the largest Catholic parish in the world in terms of area.

Faroe Islands

About 150 believers from 23 nations live in the Faroe Islands. Your place of worship is the Church of St. Mary ( Mariukirkjan ) in Tórshavn, designed by the Faroese architect Arni Winther .

Catholic Bishops of Copenhagen

Bishop Czeslaw Kozon
serial no. bishop from to Remarks
John of you March 15, 1892 March 18, 1922 Apostolic Prefect of Denmark (1884–1892)
Titular Bishop of Anastasiopolis (1892–1922)
Vicar Apostolic of Denmark (1892–1922)
Josef Ludwig Brems October 10, 1922 1938 OPraem
Vicar Apostolic of Denmark (1922–1938)
Titular Bishop of Roskilde (1922–1958)
1 Johannes Theodor Suhr December 13, 1938 October 6, 1964 OSB
Vicar Apostolic of Denmark (1938–1953)
Titular Bishop of Balecium (1938–1953)
Diocesan Bishop of Copenhagen 1953–1964
Titular Bishop of Apisa Maius (1964–1976)
2 Hans Ludvig Martensen March 22, 1965 March 22, 1995 SJ
3 Czeslaw Kozon March 22, 1995 -

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