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Boček I. von Poděbrad (also Boček von I. von Kunstadt and Poděbrad , Boczek / Botschek von Poděbrad ; Czech Boček I. z Poděbrad , Boček I. z Kunštátu a Poděbrad ; † 1373 ) was the founder of the Poděbrad family branch of the Lords of Kunstadt .


It is not known when and where Boček was born. Since his father Gerhard / Heralt was a treasurer ( Komorník ) at the courts in Brno and Znojmo , Boček probably grew up in Moravia . Before 1350 Boček went to Bohemia , where he presumably held an office at the royal court in Prague and gained the favor of King Charles IV . Anyway, this gave him in 1350 the right to some minor escheated courtyards. In 1351 or earlier Boček married Elisabeth von Lichtenburg ( Eliška z Lichtemburka ), a daughter of Heinrich von Lichtenburg on Žleb . Through the marriage he came into the possession of the lien Podiebrad , which he received from King Charles IV as hereditary property. In a document from 1353 he referred to himself for the first time as Boček of Podebrady , later also as Boček of Art Town on Podebrady or Herr auf Podebrady . With this he founded the Podebrader family branch of the gentlemen von Kunstadt. For several generations, the Podebradad Castle was the headquarters of the Podebradians .

1353-1358 Boček held the office of cupbearer ( Číšník ) at the court of Charles IV. After he lost the favor of the king, he tried to expand his family property in Bohemia and Moravia. Before 1365 he built near Bistrita on Hostein in the Hostýnské mountains , the castle Obřany he extinct after the family seat of Kunstädter, the castle Obřany named in Brno. Since he had built the castle without the permission of King Karl and his brother Margrave Johann Heinrich , King Karl ordered the castle to be destroyed.

In Moravia Boček came to Bodenstadt and in 1365 to half of the town of Proßnitz . In 1369 he acquired the town of the same name with the associated festivals from Erhard von Butschowitz . and before 1371 the East Bohemian rule Lititz . For 1371 he is documented as the patron saint of the Sopotnice Church, which belonged to the Lititz estate. Boček died two years later.


Boček's marriage to Elisabeth von Lichtenburg had the following sons:


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