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Family coat of arms of those of Kunstadt

The lords of Kunstadt ( Páni z Kunštátu in Czech ) were among the most important and oldest noble families in Moravia . They held high and highest offices, among other things as governors of Moravia and treasurers of Brno , Znojmo and Olomouc and founded the monasteries Žďár and Smilheim . In Bohemia they officiated as chief chamberlain and clerk as well as royal burgraves .

The gender name is derived from the Moravian town of Kunstadt . It is first documented for the year 1279 and refers to Kuna / Kuno / Konrad von Kunstadt ("dominus Cuno de Cunstadt"), who was a son of the progenitor Gerhard von Zbraslav and who founded the Kunstädter family branch ( Kunova linie ).


The progenitor of the Herren von Kunstadt was Gerhard von Zbraslav ( Gerhard ze Zbraslavi ), whose first name was later changed to "Heralt" via "Erhart". The title "von Obřany", which was later transferred to Gerhard von Zbraslav, only acquired in 1278 Gerhard's grandson of the same name Gerhard von Zbraslav and Obřany († 1291), who held the office of Moravian chamberlain.

The progenitor Gerhard von Zbraslav is first documented for the year 1222 when he was born on August 26th. J. in Olomouc, which King Ottokar I Přemysl granted the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knight Order , Hermann von Salza , attested. From 1236 to 1240 Gerhard von Zbraslav held the burgrave office in Olomouc. Its predicate "von Zbraslav" is derived from the Moravian Zbraslav , which is eight kilometers northwest of Rossitz in the Bobrawa Mountains and was Gerhard's ancestral home. Further possessions of Gerhard is not known, also not who his parents or ancestors were. The assumptions about his descent from the Counts of Pernegg / Berneck are not proven.

Eleven Moravian lineages emerged from Gerhard's descendants, all of whom are referred to as "von Kunstadt". Two of the Moravian lines became extinct before the Hussite Wars , the others by the end of the 16th century. The Bohemian family branch of the Lords of Podebrady founded by Boček I of Podebrady in the middle of the 14th century existed until the middle of the 17th century. Its most important representative was Georg von Podiebrad , who was King of Bohemia from 1458–1471. Three of his four sons were imperial counts and founded the Silesian branch of the family as the dukes of Münsterberg and Oels . The last duke of this branch of the family was Karl Friedrich von Oels , who died in 1647.

Sons of the progenitor Gerhard von Zbraslav

  1. Boček von Jaroslavice and Zbraslav († 1255), Burgrave of Znojmo, Count of Pernegg, founded the Cistercian monastery Saar . This tribe became extinct with his grandson Smil von Obřan.
  2. Mikul von Zbraslav ( Mikul ze Zbraslavi , documented 1233–1262) founded the family branch of the Vladiken Mikul ( Mikulova line ), which went out in the middle of the 15th century.
  3. Smil from Zbraslav and Střílky , castellan from Prerau and burgrave of Brumov ; founded the Smilheim Monastery in 1261 . Died in 1273 with no offspring.
  4. Kuna of Zbraslav and Kunstadt († 1295) Burgrave of Veveří , Marshal of Moravia, Chamberlain of Olomouc and Burgrave of Vranov and Hradec ; founded the Kunstadt family branch ( Kunova line ). All other branches of the family descend from him.

The brothers listed above are also referred to as the Lords of Zbraslav and Obřany ( Páni ze Zbraslavi az Obřan ) and are also assigned to the Lords of Kunstadt, although these are only descended from their brother Kuna.

Branches of the family of the Lords of Kunstadt

  1. Descendants of the Kuna of Zbraslav and Kunstadt ( Kunova line )
  2. Descendants of Boček (I.) von Jevišovice , treasurer of Znojmo and Brno, attested 1277-1314, son of the previous Kuna ( Páni z Kunštátu az Jevišovic , also Jevišoviská větev )
  3. Descendants of Jindřich / Heinrich d. Ä. († 1409) Zajímač von Kunstadt and Lichtenau ( Zajímačové z Kunštátu az Lichtenau )
  4. Stařechovice and Skaly line ( Stařechovisko-skalská větev )
  5. Descendants of Boček von Lišnice († 1409) ( Líšničtí z Kunštátu , also Lišniská větev )
  6. Descendants of Smil (Zajímač) from Kunstadt ( Kunštátská větev )
  7. Descendants of Boček I. von Poděbrad , the Lords of Poděbrad ( Pání z Poděbrad , also Poděbradská větev )
  8. Descendants of the Kuna of Lysice ( Lysičtí z Kunštátu , also Lysiská větev )
  9. Descendants of Wilhelm von Kunstadt († 1373), ( Boleradičtí z Kunštátu , also Boleradisko-Loučská větev )
  10. Descendants of Boček Kuna († 1495), ( Boleradičtí z Kunštátu, potomstvo Bočka Kuny )

For the genealogy of the family branches see master list of the gentlemen von Kunstadt

coat of arms

The family coat of arms of those of Kunstadt shows a shield divided several times by black and silver and has been handed down with various crests (horns or eagle flight). In addition, two existing gemehrte crest.

The shield of those von Kunstadt, divided several times in black and silver, is still part of many municipal coats of arms in various forms.


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