Savory herbs

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Savory herbs
Mountain savory (Satureja montana)

Mountain savory ( Satureja montana )

Euasterids I
Order : Mint family (Lamiales)
Family : Mint family (Lamiaceae)
Subfamily : Nepetoideae
Genre : Savory herbs
Scientific name

The savory ( Satureja ) are a genus within the family of the mint (Lamiaceae).


Vegetative characteristics

The savory species are biennial or perennial herbaceous plants or dwarf shrubs . The stems are mostly upright. The leaves are linear to narrow-lanceolate, the leaf margin has entire margins or has shallow teeth. Usually the leaves are not differentiated into stem and bracts .

Generative characteristics

The flowers are in loose to dense, but then arm-flowered partial inflorescences. The hermaphrodite flowers are zygomorphic and five-fold with a double flower envelope . The calyx is tubular to bell-shaped, slightly indistinct 10- (rarely up to 13-) annoying and has five almost identical teeth, rarely unequal. The calyx throat is usually hairy. The crown is two-lipped with a straight corolla tube. The color ranges from purple to reddish to whitish. The upper lip is flat and entire or marginalized. The lower lip consists of three lobes, which are usually rounded. Of the four fertile stamens , two are longer and two are shorter. They are more or less against the upper lip and are curved. Like the stylus , they are shorter or just a little longer than the upper lip. The branches of the style are approximately the same length.

The partial fruits are egg-shaped and slightly hairy.

Summer savory ( Satureja hortensis )
Summer savory ( Satureja hortensis )

Systematics and distribution

The genus Satureja was established by Carl von Linné in 1753 . As Lectotypusart was Nathaniel Lord Britton and A. Brown Satureja hortensis L. fixed.

The genus Satureja belongs to subtribe Menthinae the tribe Mentheae in the subfamily Nepetoideae within the family of Lamiaceae .

Since there have been molecular genetic research methods, many species of the genus Satureja have been placed in other genera, for example Micromeria and Clinopodium . The species of the tropical mountains no longer belong to the genus Satureja .

The genus Satureja thrives mainly from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus and in the temperate areas of Eurasia. About twelve species occur in Europe . No species is native to Central Europe.

There are around 38 species of Satureja :


The summer savory ( Satureja hortensis ), also called garden savory , and the winter savory ( Satureja montana ), also called mountain savory, are used as spices and culinary herbs, especially for bean dishes . The finely chopped leaves are very aromatic and are used in fillings, soups, omelettes and salads. In old recipes, savory is also called "Saturei".


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