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Boris Akunin

Boris Akunin ( Russian Борис Акунин ) is the pen name of Grigory Schalwowitsch Chkhartishvili ( Georgian გრიგოლ შალვას ძე ჩხარტიშვილი , Russ. Григорий Шалвович Чхартишвили * 20th May 1956 in Zestaphoni , Georgian SSR ), a Russian Japanese studies , literary critic , translator and crime writer Georgian Ancestry who became the leading genre writer in Russia in the 1990s .


Grigori Tschchartischwili's father was an army officer, his mother a teacher. The family left Georgia when Chartishvili was a toddler, moved to Kazakhstan, and eventually to Moscow . There he studied history and Japanese studies at Lomonosov University . For 15 years he worked as an editor of the Moscow trade journal Foreign Literature , which reviewed novels, stories, essays and poems published abroad. Tschchartishvili wrote scientific articles and translated Japanese novels into Russian.

In 1998 he published - now as Boris Akunin - with Fandorin (original title: Asasel ) his first detective novel , which became a bestseller in Russia and was awarded the Prix ​​Mystère de la critique in France . For crime fiction, he found, because his wife and his mother like crime dime novels read that were then offered at Moscow's newsstands. Chartishvili decided to publish under a pseudonym because Russian intellectuals considered it disreputable to write detective novels. He chose his pseudonym as an allusion to the Japanese word akunin (悪 人) , which means something like bad person . However, this wasn't revealed until the last volume in the Fandorin series. The pseudonym, which also reads B. Akunin when the first name is abbreviated, is also an allusion to the famous Russian anarchist Michail Bakunin . In 1999, Chchartishvili gave up his job as an editor and devoted himself entirely to crime literature.

The series takes place in the last quarter of the 19th century , in the politically relatively stable era of Tsar Alexander III. The main actor "Erast Petrowitsch Fandorin" is a mixture of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond . Fandorin is a very educated, positive hero who, true to his humanistic principles, fights for justice and humanity, but ultimately despairs of corrupt opponents. Analogies to today's Russia are obvious. The deep longing for justice and humanism is probably the reason for his great success in Russia.

Akunin has invented two new crime series heroes after Fandorin: a female, the nun Pelagia , and a contemporary, the English historian Nicholas Fandorin , who is the grandson of the famous Erast Fandorin and who returns to Russia in search of traces of his ancestors.

Political commitment

Akunin became a spokesman for the movement for fair elections after the Duma elections in Russia in 2011 . He returned to Russia from France ahead of the large demonstration announced for December 10, 2011 on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow, became a member of the organizing committee for the December 10 demonstration - and other rallies - and spoke for more than a hundred thousand demonstrators fair elections.

When spontaneous popular protests took place in Moscow on May 6, 2012 in connection with Putin's inauguration, Akunin called on May 9, 2012 to take a "control walk" through Moscow on Sunday, May 13. This was to clarify whether the citizens of Moscow had the right - without political slogans and posters - to stroll through their own city. The call for the writers' inspection walk was signed by the writers, poets, journalists and singer-songwriters Boris Akunin, Dmitri Bykov, Leonid Sorin, Alexei Kortnew, Lev Rubinstein, Lyudmila Ulitskaya and others. Unexpectedly, more than 10,000 demonstrators gathered for the walk on May 13th.


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Individual evidence

  1. Boris Akunin: Внимание: смертельный аттракцион "Контрольная прогулка"! In: Radio Echo Moskwy. May 9, 2012

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