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Wiener Bruckfleisch with napkin dumplings

Bruckfleisch is a specialty of Austrian cuisine that consists mainly of braised offal . It is prepared in a similar way to Viennese goulash and is a traditional pub meal.

For preparation, the roots and onions are first chopped up, vigorously roasted, flaky cut crown meat (diaphragm) added and fried, deglazed with water or meat broth, and everything braised with cut heart tubes ( Liechteln ). Is flavored depending on the recipe with peppercorns , marjoram , bay leaves , juniper berries , garlic , basil , thyme and rosemary . Then gradually other cut offal such as kidney , spleen , liver and sweetbreads are added. Before adding these more sensitive offal, strain the sauce and add a little vinegar or red wine if necessary . When everything is done, the sauce is lightly bound with a little flour and butter (traditionally also with blood ). Common side dishes are bread or napkin dumplings .

Bruckfleisch should be served warmed up from the day before if possible, as this improves the taste.

Origin of name

The Bruckfleisch is named after the slaughter or striking bridge ( Schlagbruckn ), where you could buy the fresh offal directly from the butcher ( small meat: sweetbreads, heart, heart crown, aorta, crown meat, liver, spleen, stab meat ).


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