Carl-Heinz Mahlmann

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Carl-Heinz Mahlmann (born September 17, 1907 ; † November 7, 1965 in Großensee ) was a football player from 1929 to 1935 and chairman of Hamburger SV from January 26, 1951 until his death .

Player, 1929-1935

Carl-Heinz Mahlmann, who grew up in Braunschweig, found his way to Hamburger SV via SC Victoria Hamburg in 1929. The player, mostly used as a right runner, won the championship in the north with HSV in 1931 and moved into the semi-finals against Hertha BSC in the final round of the German soccer championship after successes against Beuthen SSV and Eintracht Frankfurt . Hertha prevailed in extra time with 3-2 goals against Hamburg and also brought the championship trophy to the Spree. In 1932 and 1933 Mahlmann also made it to the finals with the Nordmeister HSV. The way to the final did not succeed. The high point of his playing career should therefore be the appointment to the national soccer team by Reich coach Otto Nerz for the international match on December 4, 1932 in Düsseldorf against Holland. Mahlmann played right runner. Georg Knöpfle acted on the left . The game was lost with 2-0 goals, and Mahlmann was never called up to the national team. Mahlmann ended his playing career after the 1934/35 season.

1st Chairman, January 26, 1951 - November 1965

When Carl-Heinz Mahlmann, who moved to Hamburg for professional reasons from 1948, took over the chairmanship of HSV in January 1951, his national team mate from 1932, Georg Knöpfle, was the coach of the league team. Mahlmann's younger brother Günther, a teacher by profession, acted as managing director and trainer in the youth department. The Mahlmann tandem stood for long-term continuity and planning, which laid the foundation for the success of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The personnel decisions of President Carl-Heinz Mahlmann were mostly successful, both in terms of coaching and player obligations. The really decisive thing, however, was the concept of relying on talents from one's own youth, the amateurs and players from northern Germany. After Knöpfle, the decision was made for the coaching tandem Martin Wilke and Günther Mahlmann. From 1956 the talent promoter “Günni” Mahlmann led his “boys” from the youngsters as sole head coach until 1962 until they won the German championship in 1960 and the big appearances in the European Cup in the 1961 round with the games against Young Boys Bern , FC Burnley and FC Barcelona . Under the patronage of the Mahlmann brothers, the talents Horst Schnoor , Uwe Seeler , Klaus Stürmer , Jürgen Werner , Gerhard Krug and Gert Dörfel matured for the benefit of Hamburger SV. Carl-Heinz Mahlmann's presidency also includes winning the DFB Cup against Borussia Dortmund in 1963. When he returned home from the Bundesliga game against 1. FC Kaiserslautern on November 7, 1965, after he had lost 1: 2 goals succumbed to a heart attack, he left a large void in the leadership of Hamburger SV. Mahlmann, who had been a successful grain broker in business life, was a stroke of luck for the association and the Hanseatic city in his almost 15-year presidency.


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