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Christian Gottfried Schütz (born May 19, 1747 in Dederstedt ; † May 7, 1832 in Halle (Saale) ) was a German humanist.


Schütz was born as the eldest son of eight children of pastor Gottfried Schütz (* 1717 in Aschersleben; † March 16, 1772 ibid.) And his wife Traugotte Anna Sophia Regner. He attended the school of the orphanage in Halle and studied theology at the University of Halle with Johann Salomo Semler . After he had acquired the academic degree of a master's degree in philosophy on March 21, 1768, he became a teacher at the Knight Academy in Brandenburg Cathedral . In 1769 he became inspector of the theological seminary in Halle, in 1775 extraordinary professor of philosophy and in 1777 full professor of philosophy in Halle.

In 1779 Schütz was professor of "poetry and eloquence" at the University of Jena , where he founded the Allgemeine Literaturzeitung in 1785 with Christoph Martin Wieland and Friedrich Justin Bertuch . Here he also took part in the organizational tasks of the university and was rector of the Jena Salana in the summer semesters of 1790 and 1798 . In 1804 he held a professorship in literary history and eloquence in Halle, where he continued the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung with Johann Samuelersch . In 1808 he was elected a foreign member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .

Schütz published on a range of topics from philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, philology, education and university matters. He published collections of the writings of Aeschylus , Cicero , and Aristophanes . In philosophy he was particularly influential as one of the first defenders of Immanuel Kant , with whom he had also been in correspondence since 1784. In his own dissertation on aesthetics of 1768 he was already referring to Kant's pre-critical work Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and the Sublime from 1764. In 1785 he organized a series of articles in the Allgemeine Literaturzeitung on Kant's critical philosophy and defended it himself against opponents like Ernst Platner , Dieterich Tiedemann or Johann Christoph Schwab . He also won Kant over to write articles for the Allgemeine Literaturzeitung and discussed aspects of the Critique of Pure Reason with him .

Schütz married in Halle (Saale) in 1778 with Anna Henriette Danovius (* Danzig; † 1823), the daughter of the pastor in Thorn Ludwig Danovius (* September 1711 Eckersberg / Prussia; † February 16, 1771 in Thorn) and his wife Anna Eleonora Gerschner. The children are known to include the daughter Henrietta Friderica Ernestina Schütz (1781–1795) and the son, the historian Friedrich Karl Julius Schütz .

Works (selection)

As an author

  • Opuscula philologica et philosophica . Halle 1830 (various treatises).

As editor

  • Aeschylus : works . 3rd edition Hall 1809/22 (5 vols.).
  • Cicero : works . Leipzig 1814/23 (20 vol.).
  • Aristophanes : works . Leipzig 1821 (only vol. 1, no more published).


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