City Hunter (1993)

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German title City Hunter
Original title 城市 獵人
Sing si lip yan
Country of production Hong Kong , Japan
original language Cantonese
Publishing year 1993
length approx. 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Wong Jing
script Wong Jing
production Golden Harvest
music Romeo Diaz ,
James Wong
camera Lee Chi Hang ,
Tom Lau
cut Cheung Yiu Chung ,
Cheung Kai Fai

City Hunter ( Chinese  城市 獵人 , Pinyin chéngshì lièrén  - "City Hunter") is an action and martial arts film with Jackie Chan filmed in 1993 in Hong Kong and Japan .


The Japanese private Ryo Saeba - including City Hunter called - is a go-getter and a notorious womanizer. He only keeps his hands off his assistant Kaori ( corrupted in the western versions of "Carrie"), as he promised his former partner (also Kaori's cousin) shortly before his death. However, this is exactly what Kaori wants from the City Hunter and is then disappointed and leaves it.

At the same time, City Hunter receives an order from the extremely wealthy publisher Imamura to look for his runaway daughter Kiyoko . City Hunter can track down the girl in Hong Kong , but she escapes and gets tickets for a cruise . After a chain of events, Saeba pursues Kaori and their new lovers in order to win them back, and ends up as a stowaway on the pleasure boat used by Kiyoko. While trying not to get caught, he meets Kaori and Kiyoko as well as attractive colleague and rival Saeko Nogami . She is on board with her naive and busty friend to prevent a planned crime.

Saeko's fears soon come true: a gang of armed terrorists led by the gentleman crook McDonald occupy the ship to kidnap, rob and kill the passengers. The only salvation for the people is City Hunter, who decimates the gangsters one by one and at the same time protects Kaori, Kiyoko, Saeko and their partner from danger.

In the end, the ladies can free Saeba from a predicament, whereupon it comes to a showdown between him and McDonald, in which the gangster is killed. The threat posed by the terrorists is averted - but the danger posed by the eternally jealous Kaori is far from over.


" Die Hard " Hong Kong action , but parody. The numerous slapstick interludes make the fighting more bearable, but no less pull on the nerves of the European audience. "


  • This film was an attempt to finally conquer the Japanese market. Therefore, the comic series City Hunter, which is very popular in Japan, was filmed here . It was Jackie Chan's first leading role in a comic book adaptation.
  • The computer game Street Fighter II and its characters are used during the fight between Chan and Gary Daniels in the ship's video game room . One of the game characters is named E. Honda . Since Jackie Chan was acting as a spokesperson and advertising figure for Mitsubishi at the time , the name was quickly changed to E. Honde in order to prevent the competitor Honda from being named undesirably .
  • For a long time Keith Vitali was in discussion for the gangster's right-hand man, embodied by Gary Daniels .
  • Chan fights two gigantic African American terrorists in the on- board cinema . In order to defeat this, he is guided by the film shown: the Bruce Lee flick Bruce Lee - My last fight , in which he fights against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar .
  • The film, which was cut and released from 18 in 1993, is released in full from 12 today. In addition to the FSK-18 version, there is also a more shortened FSK-16 version of the film, which was released on VHS.

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