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Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
本田技研 工業 株式会社

legal form Kabushiki-gaisha (joint stock company)
ISIN JP3854600008
founding September 24, 1948
Seat Tokyo , JapanJapanJapan 
management Takahiro Hachigo (President and CEO )
Number of employees 218,674 (2020)
sales 15.88 Bio . Yen (EUR 122.6 billion) (2019)
Branch Car and engine manufacturers

Logo of the Honda Automobiles department
Honda Civic
Logo of the Honda Motorcycles department
Honda VFR 1200 F.

The company Honda ( Japanese 本田技研工業 株式会社 , Honda Giken Kōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha , German "Honda Research and Industry", English Honda Motor Co., Ltd. ), listed in the Nikkei 225 , is a Japanese group (including Hamamatsu ), which develops, manufactures and markets automobiles , motorcycles , outboard motors , micro-combined heat and power systems and motor equipment for the world market. The subsidiary Honda Aircraft Company also builds a business jet.

With an annual production of 22 million engines, Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world. Honda employs around 218,000 people in production facilities in 30 countries around the world. The company's headquarters are in Tokyo . At the beginning of 2020, 649,966 Honda motorcycles were registered in Germany, which corresponds to a share of 14.4%.

The European Honda Motor Trading GmbH (Germany Honda) in Hamburg was founded in May 1961st The company headquarters of Honda Deutschland GmbH , with around 162 workplaces, has been in Frankfurt am Main since 2013 . The president is Takahiro Hachigo. The German research department Honda R&D Europe , with more than 100 engineers and scientists, is still located in Offenbach am Main .

With sales of $ 142.4 billion and profits of $ 4.3 billion, Honda ranks 83rd among the world's largest companies according to Forbes Global 2000 . Honda's market capitalization is currently around $ 42 billion. (Status: 2020)


Honda was founded on September 24, 1948 and bears the name of the founder, Sōichirō Honda . At the beginning of the company's history, motors were produced to drive bicycles.

Alongside Toyota, Honda is one of the few independent Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturers. This is due to the fact that the company was successful during the restructuring of the international car and motorcycle market and managed not to have to merge with other companies or to lose its independence through the acquisition of foreign investors. Honda has been using the Acura brand name for its luxury automobiles since 1986 . These are only sold in North America, China and Hong Kong.

Company profile

Honda's public profile is also shaped by its motorsport activities .

Honda also competed with a team in Formula 1 (see Honda Racing F1 ) and in Formula 2 as an engine supplier. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Honda dominated Formula 1 with its engines and won six world championships. Honda's figureheads at the time were Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell , as well as Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost , who won 15 out of 16 races in the last turbo season of Formula 1 in 1988. Ayrton Senna contributed significantly to the development of the Honda NSX in addition to winning the world championship . In December 2008 Honda stopped the Formula 1 activities as a result of the prevailing financial crisis for cost reasons.

As the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda offers models in all classes and categories. The currently fastest motorcycle in production is the CBR1100XX "Blackbird" presented in 1997 with a top speed of 286 km / h.

Supersport models are the CBR600 and the Honda "Fireblade" (CBR1000RR). The Fireblade, a superbike that has a nominal 191  hp and a power-to-weight ratio of around 1 kg per hp, has a top speed (2017 model) of around 293 km / h.

The flagship of the Honda touring motorcycles is the Gold Wing series, built in Kumamoto (Japan). This luxury tourer is currently powered by a 1.8 liter six-cylinder boxer engine with 87  kW (118 hp). The dry weight of this motorcycle is 363 kg and it has a reverse gear for maneuvering.

In 2000 the company introduced the humanoid robot ASIMO .


  • CBS - Combined Brake System: This system distributes the braking forces to both wheels of single-track vehicles, even when only one brake lever or brake pedal is operated.
  • CMBS - a collision warning and protection system with several warning levels.
  • CVCC - see Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion: In this stratified charge-like process for reducing pollutants in carburetor engines, the lean mixture in the main chamber is ignited by the (rich) combustion in the antechamber via a torch nozzle.
  • Real Time 4WD - automatically switched on and off, controlled all-wheel drive system.
  • VTEC - Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control: In some versions, this variable valve control can also keep all valves closed in order to switch off individual or all cylinders (cylinder deactivation).
  • i-DSI - Dual & Sequential Ignition: Two spark plugs per cylinder ignite at different times or at high speeds simultaneously in order to variably control the combustion process.
  • IMA - Integrated Motor Assist: This parallel hybrid drive works with an electric motor that is significantly smaller than the internal combustion engine. In Europe, IMA is used in the models Civic IMA (since 2006 Civic Hybrid), Insight (since 2009), CR-Z (since 2010) and Jazz Hybrid (since 2011).
  • Honda used the internal vehicle identification number VIN from 1979 to 1995. Since then, vehicle identification numbers according to international standards have been used.
  • 4WS - Four Wheel Steering System: an initially mechanical, later electronic 4-wheel steering system that enables a tighter turning circle and faster cornering. Used on the Honda Prelude BA4 1989 to BB8 2000.

Car models

Honda S800 (1967)
Honda CRX (1983)
Honda Legend (1994)
Honda FR-V (2005)
Honda Civic (2006)
Honda Accord Tourer (2008)
Honda Jazz (2009)
Honda HR-V (2015)
Honda NSX (2016)
Honda CR-V (2018)
Honda e (2019)

Small car

Compact class

Lower middle class

Middle class

upper middle class

Sports coupe

Sports car / roadster



Concept vehicle

Honda model timeline , 1960s to 1980s - later  »
Type 1960s 1970s 1980s
0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9
Kei car N360
Z360 / Life City / jazz Today
Small car Z600 City
Compact class Civic SB1 Civic SB2 Civic Civic Civic
Civic SF + VB ballad ballad Concerto
Middle class 1300 145 Accord Accord Accord
upper middle class Legend
1300 145 Integra
Prelude Prelude Prelude
Sports car S500 S600 S800
Compact van L + P700 / 800 Acty
Pick up T360 / 500 TN360 Vamos
«  Before - timeline of Honda models, 1980s to today
Type 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0
Kei car Today Today Life Life Life N-WGN N-WGN
That's Zest N-One
N-box N-box
Vamos N-Van
Small car City / jazz City City City / Logo Fit / Jazz / City Fit / Jazz / City Fit / Jazz / City Fit / Jazz / City
Gienia / Greiz
Brio Brio
Amaze Amaze
Compact class Civic Civic Civic Civic Civic Civic Civic Civic Civic
ballad ballad Concerto Domani Crider Crider / Envix
Middle class Quint / quintet Quint Integra / Integra Integra Integra Integra
Insight Insight Insight
Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord Accord
Ascot Ascot Innova / Rafaga Torneo Spirior Spirior
Vigor Vigor Inspire / Vigor Inspire / Saber Inspire / Saber Inspire Inspire
FCX Clarity Clarity
upper middle class Legend Legend Legend Legend Legend Legend
Coupe CRX CRX CRX del Sol CR-Z
Prelude Prelude Prelude Prelude Prelude
Roadster Beat S660
Sports car NSX NSX NSX
Crossroad Crossroad
Passport Passport element Passport
Cross tour Avancier / UR-V
pilot pilot pilot
Compact van Capa Mobilio spike Freed Freed
S-MX Edix / FR-V jade
Advancier Airwave Honda Fit Shuttle Honda Fit Shuttle
Stream Stream Mobilio
Van StepWGN StepWGN StepWGN StepWGN StepWGN
Elysion Elysion
Odyssey Odyssey RA6 Odyssey RB Odyssey RB3 Odyssey RC
Odyssey RL1 Odyssey RL3 Odyssey RL5 Odyssey RL6
Pick up Acty Acty Acty Acty
Ridgeline Ridgeline

Motorcycle models

Currently (2019) Honda sells models in Germany with the following engines:

design type Displacement Travel enduros Super sport Naked bike Sports Tourer / Tourer Cruiser comment
B6 1833 cc GL 1800
V4 1237 cc VFR 1200 X Crosstourer
R4 1140 cc CB 1100 air cooled
R2 1084 cc CRF 1100 L
R4 999 cm³ CBR 1000 RR Fireblade CB 1000 R
R2 998 cc CRF 1000 L Africa Twin
V4 782 cc VFR 800 X Crossrunner VFR 800 F
R2 745 cc NC 750 X NC 750 S A2 driving license with throttle set
R4 649 cc CBR 650 R CB 650 F A2 driving license with throttle set
R2 471 cc CB 500 X CBR 500 R CB 500 F CMX 500 Rebel A2 driving license
R1 449 cc CRF 450 L A2 driving license
R2 250 cc CRF 250 L A2 driving license
R1 286 cc CB 300 R A2 driving license
R1 124.7 cm³ CB 125 R
MSX 125
CB 125 F Honda Monkey
Super Cub C 125
Light motorcycles (A1 driving license)


design type Displacement Models comment
R1 108 cc Vision 110
R1 125 cc SH 125i
PCX 125
Forza 125
R1 ~ 150 cm³ SH 150i
R1 279 cc SH 300i
R2 745 cc Integra
NC motor series


Automobile racing

Honda was involved several times in various classes of automobile sport . The company pursued very different concepts over the decades. In some cases, it only supplied engines for existing teams who used the engines in their own cars under their own management; In addition, Honda also repeatedly operated a so-called works team in Formula 1, which brought its own engines and cars to the start:

  • The factory involvement in Formula 1 took place via the Honda Racing F1 team , which was involved in Formula 1 from 1964 to 1968 and from 2005 to 2008.
  • A factory-supported Formula 1 team was the British racing team Spirit , which was founded in 1981 with the purpose of testing Honda's new Formula 1 engine in practice with a small racing team and developing it further before it was used for the Formula 1 World Championship 1983 was passed on to the top team Williams .
  • As an engine supplier for Formula 1, Honda equipped teams from Williams , Lotus , McLaren and British American Racing, among others . From the latter, the racing team Honda Racing F1 , active until 2008, emerged in 2005 .
  • As an engine supplier for Formula 2 (1000 cm³), Honda equipped the Brabham racing team in 1965 and 1966 . 1966 drove the racing drivers Jack Brabham and Denis Hulme with the Brabham-Honda BT18 a total of 11 victories in 12 races. Jack Brabham won the Formula 2 championship that same year.
  • In addition to these top Formula 1 teams, other teams such as Tyrrell , Arrows , Jordan Grand Prix and Prost Grand Prix received engines that had been designed by Honda. They were, however, supplied by Mugen , an independent company run by Soichiro Honda's eldest son Hirotoshi Honda.
  • In endurance racing, complete vehicles are developed by the USA-based Honda Performance Development. These were originally launched under the Acura brand.
  • In May 2013, McLaren and Honda announced at a joint press conference that McLaren would receive engines from Honda from the 2015 season . Honda also wanted to supply at least one other team with engines. However, this was not put into practice. After three relatively unsuccessful years, McLaren ended the partnership in 2017.
  • From 2018 Honda will be supplying the Italian team Scuderia Toro Rosso exclusively with engines. From the following year, this commitment was extended to the sister team Red Bull Racing .

formula 1

Drivers World Championship
1987 BrazilBrazil Nelson Piquet on a Williams Honda
1988 BrazilBrazil Ayrton Senna on a McLaren Honda
1989 FranceFrance Alain Prost in a McLaren Honda
1990 BrazilBrazil Ayrton Senna on a McLaren Honda
Constructors' championship
1986 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Williams-Honda
1988 United KingdomUnited Kingdom McLaren Honda

Formula 2

Driver EM
1966 AustraliaAustralia Jack Brabham on Brabham - Honda BT18
Constructors' Championship
1966 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Brabham -Honda
Constructors and drivers championships
1981 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Geoff Lees on Ralt -Honda RH-6-81
1983 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jonathan Palmer on Ralt -Honda RH-6-83
1984 New ZealandNew Zealand Mike Thackwell on Ralt -Honda RH-6-84

Motorcycle racing

Honda motorcycle racing history of the 125 cc class

In 1959 , Honda first took part in the popular Tourist Trophy raceon the Isle of Man Clypse circuit (17.63 km) in the 125 cc class. The racing machine RC141 was equipped with a 2-cylinder DOHC - parallel twin and had a vertical shaft to the cylinder head with two valves per cylinder. The engine had a compression ratio of 10.5: 1, developed 18 horsepower at 13,000 min -1 and had a 6-speed transmission. Since it was recognized during the training that they were not competitive, new cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder were flown in from Japan. The engine had now 18.5 hp at 14,000 rpm -1 kg weighed 87th This racing machine was now called the RC142 and was the machine that made Honda's racing debut in Europe. The head of the Honda racing group was the 30-year-old American Bill (William Hunt), the general manager of American Honda and winner of the Asama race in Japan in 1958. The other drivers were Naomi Taniguchi, Junzo, Giichi Suzuki, Teisuke Tanaka, the latter with a RC141 2-valve. Tanaka represented Kunihiko Akiyama, who had a fatal accident shortly before the team left Japan. The new CB 92 was usedto explore the racetrack. In the race, Naomi Taniguchi achieved the first point in the world championship for Honda by finishing sixth. His average speed was 109.9 km / h. With a further seventh place by Giichi Suzuki with 107.4 km / h, eighth by Teisuke Tanaka with 105.7 km / h and eleventh place by Junzo Suzuki with 102.7 km / h, the Honda team won the team award and the first cup. The Honda team was led by Kiyoshi Kawashima , who later became president of the company.

In 1960 the Honda team took part in the Isle of Man TT again. They had the RC143 going with a revised 2-cylinder parallel twin DOHC, the 22 hp at 14,000 rpm -1 produced and weighed 93 kg. The Australian Tom Phillis , Naomi Taniguchi, Giichi Suzuki, Teisuke Tanaka, Moto Kitano and Shimakazi were the racing drivers. Phillis qualified second fastest in practice, but spark plug problems only made him tenth in the race.

In 1961 , Tom Phillis drove with the starting number 60 in Barcelona the first victory in the first race of the season for Honda. He also won the first road world championship for Honda in the 125cc class on the RC143 and RC144 , with 21 hp at 14,000 rpm -1 . The later 2RC143 the # 26 had 23 horsepower at 14,000 min -1 . That year Honda won 8 out of 11 races and the Constructors and Drivers' Championship. The race in the Isle of Man TT Ultra Lightweight class was won by Mike Hailwood (Mike the Bike) on an RC 143 from last year that he had received from Luigi Taveri . Taveri came in second, followed by Tom Phillis and Jim Redman , all on the RC144.

In 1962 Luigi Taveri won the world championship in the 125cc classwith the RC145 , which he won with six victories. It was planned that the Japanese driver Takahashi would win this class. He also won the first two GPs but had a terrible accident on the Isle of Man that ended that endeavor. # 6 Taveri finished in first place and the first five places in the 125cc Isle of Man TT Ultra Lightweight class went to Honda riders. The RC145 had 24 hp at 14,000 rpm -1 , which each won 10 races this season.

In 1964 Luigi Taveri again wonthe world championship in the 125cc classwith the RC146 . The RC 146 was the first Honda 125cc four-cylinder and had 27 horsepower at 17,000 min -1 , which was released in late 1963 on the race track. It had 7 gears and weighed only 87 kg. The later 4RC146 had 28 hp at 18,000 rpm -1 . With this machine, the # 4, he finished 1965 Man TT Ultra lightweight class 2nd place in 125 Isle of Man. It was the best result this season against the now strongly emerging two-stroke.

In 1966 Luigi Taveri again won the world championship in the 125cc classwith the RC149 . The RC149 was the first Honda 125cc five-cylinder engine and had 34 horsepower at 20,500 min -1 , which had already in October 1965 the racetrack its premiere. Eight gears and a dry weight of 85 kg brought her the constructors 'and drivers' world championships.

Driver world championship in motorcycle road racing

50 cc
1965 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Ralph Bryans
125 cc / Moto3
1961 AustraliaAustralia Tom Phillis
1962 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Luigi Taveri
1990 ItalyItaly Loris Capirossi
1993 GermanyGermany Dirk Raudies
1995 JapanJapan Haruchika Aoki
1999 SpainSpain Emilio Alzamora
2003 SpainSpain Dani Pedrosa
2004 ItalyItaly Andrea Dovizioso
2005 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Thomas Lüthi
2017 SpainSpain Joan Mir
2018 SpainSpain Jorge Martín
2019 ItalyItaly Lorenzo Dalla Porta
250 cc
1961 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Mike Hailwood
1962 Rhodesia and NyasalandFederation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Jim Redman
1966 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Mike Hailwood
1985 United StatesUnited States Freddie Spencer
1987 GermanyGermany Toni Mang
1988 SpainSpain Sito Pons
1991 ItalyItaly Luca Cadalora
1997 ItalyItaly Max Biaggi
2001 JapanJapan Daijirō Katō
2004 SpainSpain Dani Pedrosa
2009 JapanJapan Hiroshi Aoyama
350 cc
1962 Rhodesia and NyasalandFederation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Jim Redman
1966 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Mike Hailwood
500 cm³ / MotoGP
1983 United StatesUnited States Freddie Spencer
1987 AustraliaAustralia Wayne Gardner
1989 United StatesUnited States Eddie Lawson
1994 AustraliaAustralia Mick Doohan
1999 SpainSpain Àlex Crivillé
2001 ItalyItaly Valentino Rossi
2006 United StatesUnited States Nicky Hayden
2011 AustraliaAustralia Casey Stoner
2013 SpainSpain Marc Marquez
1988 United StatesUnited States Fred Merkel
1997 United StatesUnited States John Kocinski
2000 United StatesUnited States Colin Edwards
2007 United KingdomUnited Kingdom James Toseland
Super sport
2002 FranceFrance Fabien Foret
2003 AustraliaAustralia Chris Vermeulen
2004 AustraliaAustralia Karl Muggeridge
2005 FranceFrance Sébastien Charpentier
2007 TurkeyTurkey Kenan Sofuoğlu
2008 AustraliaAustralia Andrew Pitt
2010 TurkeyTurkey Kenan Sofuoğlu
2014 NetherlandsNetherlands Michael van der Mark
1998 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Steve Webster / David James ( LCR -Honda) United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Other business areas

Honda Equipment Department logo
Honda Marine Department logo

The term Power Equipment (literally: power equipment (s)) includes devices driven by motors from the garden area , equipment and drives used in industry, as well as marine outboard motors and inflatable boats.

HondaJet department logo
Honda HA-420

The Honda Aircraft Company , a 100 percent subsidiary based in Greensboro in the US state of North Carolina , developed a business jet , the Honda HA-420 HondaJet .

The Honda downhill team

Honda also sponsors its own downhill mountain bike team. "Team G Cross Honda" was the name of the Honda downhill mountain bike team , which was very successful in the Mountain Bike World Cup until 2008 with bikers like Greg Minnaar , Matti Lehikoinen and Brendan Fairclough . In 2007 the team won the overall Downhill World Cup for the second time in a row. The Honda mountain bike was built exclusively for use in the Downhill World Cup and was therefore never available on the market. The agency 23 Degrees Sports Management surprisingly published a press release at the end of 2007, in which it can be read that Honda would completely withdraw from the mountain bike sport.


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