Kunisue Jidōsha Seisakusho

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Kunisue Jidōsha Seisakusho ( Japanese 国 末 自動 車 製作 所 , English Kunisue Automobile Works ) was a manufacturer of motor vehicles from Japan .

Company history

The company, originally called Yamada Tekkōjo ( 山田 鉄 工 所 , "Yamada Ironworks") from Tokyo began in 1909 or 1910 with the production of automobiles . The brand name was Kunisue until 1910 or 1911 . From 1911 there was a collaboration with KK Tōkyō Jidōsha Seisakusho . Tokyo or Tokyo was now used as a brand name . Production ended in 1912. Depending on the source, a few copies, a small number of vehicles or fewer than 50 vehicles were made.


The Kunisue had a two-cylinder engine with either 5 hp or 8 hp. Another source gives more details. Accordingly, the No. 1 8 HP from 1909 a prototype . Its front engine with a capacity of 1300 cm³ and an output of 8 hp drove the rear axle. The body offered space for two people. In 1910 the model went into production as an 8 HP Tourer and a body as a Phaeton . The 5 HP Tourer was listed from 1910 to 1911 . He, too, was bodied as a Phaeton.

The Tokyo had a water-cooled four - cylinder engine. It was an L-head motor with side valves. Both 1300 cm³ and 3656 cm³ are specified as the displacement . The engine developed 16 hp. The body shapes touring cars and sedans have been handed down . An illustration shows a Coupé de Ville . Another source calls it 16-18 HP with 3656 cm³ displacement, 16 to 18 HP power and bodies as sedan and landaulet .


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