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Honda Civic Coupe (2016)

The Honda Civic is a compact class vehicle from the vehicle manufacturer Honda . It was presented in 1972 and is now being built in the tenth generation of models.

The Civic is the volume model from Honda and has been manufactured more than 18.5 million times. In 2014, the Honda Civic took sixth place in the ranking of the most frequently sold cars to date. Since the fourth generation , the Civic has also been produced outside of Japan in eleven factories worldwide. For the European market, the three- and five-door sedans are produced in Great Britain , the coupés in the USA .


1972 Introduction of the Honda Civic 1200 in Japan.
1974 Introduction of the Honda Civic 1500 in Japan.
Introduction of the Honda Civic 1200 (SB1) in Germany.
Honda delivers the Civic with a CVCC engine for the American market.
1976 Introduction of the Honda Civic 1500 in Germany.
1977 Introduction of the Honda Civic 1300 (SB2) in Germany.
1979 Presentation of the second generation of models .
1982 The total production number reaches 3 million pieces.
1983 Presentation of the third generation of models .
A sports coupé based on the Civic is now available under the name Honda CRX . A minivan , the Honda Civic Shuttle based on the Civic, is presented for the first time.
1987 Presentation of the fourth generation of models .
The Honda Civic received the Golden Steering Wheel award from the newspaper Bild am Sonntag .
1991 Presentation of the fifth generation of models . The fourth-generation Honda Civic Shuttle continues to be built, but is no longer offered in Europe.
1994 A Honda Civic with a VTEC Economy engine wins the Eco Tour of Europe with an unprecedented gasoline consumption of 4.97 l per 100 km.
1995 Presentation of the sixth generation of models . The Honda Shuttle replaces the previous Honda Civic Shuttle.
The five-door Civic is produced in Swindon, England, exclusively for the European market.
The total production number reaches 10 million pieces.
1997 The natural gas-powered Civic GX NGV is presented.
1999 The Civic range is getting a facelift in March.
2001 The seventh generation of the model will be launched in March .
2002 The Honda Civic is available for the first time with a diesel engine (basic engine from Isuzu ).
2003 In December there will be an optical facelift to the Civic.
The total production number reaches 15 million pieces.
2004 Presentation of the Civic IMA on the German market.
2005 At the Geneva Motor Show , Honda presented a study of the eighth Civic model generation .
2006 From the beginning of 2006, the eighth generation of the Civic will be available for purchase everywhere.
Honda presents a study of the new Civic Type R at the Geneva Motor Show . This will be available from March 31, 2007.
2007 The Type R will be available for sale from March, followed by the Civic Type S in May.
All new cars with diesel engines are factory-fitted with a closed diesel particulate filter .
The millionth Civic rolled off the production line at the Swindon plant on November 9th.
2008 In November, the Civic will undergo a facelift, which went on sale from January 2009.
2009 The new natural gas-powered Civic GX NGV is available in Japan, Canada and the USA.
2010 After only a sedan with weak sales figures was offered in Japan, Honda completely stopped production and thus sales in Japan after almost 40 years. Sales of other model variants continue abroad.
2012 The ninth generation of the Civic will appear in February 2012 .
2014 In February, after a 14-year break, a station wagon version of the Civic will be available again, now called the Tourer . At the end of the same year, the Civic series was revised.
2015 Introduction of the 4th generation of the Type-R.
Introduction of the tenth generation in North America.
2017 Introduction of the 5th generation of the Type-R.


Type R

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IMA / hybrid

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