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Clifford "Cliff" Tobin DeYoung (born February 12, 1946 in Inglewood , Los Angeles County , United States ) is an American musician and actor in film and television.

Live and act

DeYoung began his adult career as a musician and was a member of the rock band Clear Light in the second half of the 1960s. He attended California State College and Illinois State University almost at the same time . After completing his studies and the band, DeYoung was engaged for the second occupation of several small roles in the original performance of the musical Hair on Broadway, where he appeared at irregular intervals between late April 1968 and early July 1972. He returned to Broadway between May 1 and October 1, 1972 with Rick in the production of Sticks and Bones , a drama about returnees from the Vietnam War. Other theater roles offered him the plays Two by South, The Three Sisters and The Orphan . In the meantime, Cliff DeYoung had made his debut in front of the camera and also appeared in the 1973 TV version of Sticks and Bones .

Cliff DeYoung celebrated her first great success on the big screen in 1974 at the side of Art Carney in the road movie Harry and Tonto , the moving story of an old man and his cat. Despite his participation in one or the other movie, DeYoung remained primarily a television man. Few of his roles, including numerous guest appearances in series, left a lasting impression: he was often seen initially as a somewhat bland, sometimes awkward, young man, but also in 1976 with the lead role of the legendary Atlantic crosser Charles Lindbergh in the kidnapping drama shot for television The kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby . In later years he also embodied people of great respect such as sheriffs, federal agents, police officers, business people and high-ranking politicians - both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy - in almost consistently very conventional productions . They were supporting supporting roles, but also always leading roles. In the television series Sunshine he had received his first continuous role in 1975. At his side you could see the up-and-coming colleague Gypsi DeYoung, who became his wife and with whom Cliff DeYoung has a child.



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