Commodore SFD1001

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SFD 1001 front side
SFD 1001 back

The SFD1001 floppy disk drive ( S ingle F loppy D isk 1001) is a 5.25- inch drive for the Commodore 8xxx series , which can also be used on the C64 with an IEEE-488 adapter . Internally it works with Commodore DOS version 2.5 or version 2.7.

Technically it is built like the CBM 8250 , but is a single drive with the housing of the 1541 . Like the CBM 8250, it uses the Group Coded Recording (GCR) recording method. It has a bus-compatible, parallel IEEE-488 connection.

Like the CBM 8250, the SFD 1001 is designed for DD ( Double Density ) disk material despite its high capacity of over 1 MB ; it cannot work reliably with high density disks .

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