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Amiga 3000T-040

The Commodore Amiga 3000T , which was the tower version of the desktop version Amiga 3000 , was available in two versions: once as the normal A3000T with 68030 processor and once as A3000T-040. The latter was equipped with a Commodore A3640 accelerator card, which provided the computer with a 68040 processor with 25 MHz.

The prototypes still bore the name A3500. The actually top-secret project, which was only finished some time after the A3000 desktop, leaked through because in the manual appendix for the A3000 in the circuit diagrams printed there, variants with the label "A3500" were not completely eliminated.

The case was a modified model of the Commodore PC-60. 1 MB chip RAM and 4 MB Fast RAM were installed, so that the computer had a total of 5 MB main memory. With the 3000T, the ROM was also delivered as a component on the circuit board from the start and not as a soft kick on the hard drive , as was the case with the first versions of the desktop version. Otherwise, it was identical to the 3000D (esktop), except for the fact that the Board a Zorro slot more and Tower three 5.25-inch drive sschächte possessed. Two of these were installed vertically, which made it difficult to operate CD-ROM drives in these slots if you did not have a drive with a caddy.

The Amiga 3000T could also be ordered as the Amiga 3000T / UX with a version of AT&T System V Release 4 called AMIX that was adapted to the Amiga hardware and that was delivered on a QIC magnetic tape cassette. There was even a three-button mouse for use with the X11 . A coexistence of AmigaOS and AMIX on the same computer was possible in principle.

Various dealers have offered the computer in upgraded versions, for example equipped it with newer kickstarts and, most recently, even with a CD-ROM drive.

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