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Conrad Lüder von Pentz , in more recent literature always as Konrad Lüder von Pentz (born June 10, 1728 in Gädebehn, † May 1782 in Penzlin , buried on May 20, 1782 there) was a German genealogist.

Pentz came from the old Mecklenburg noble family von Pentz and was the son of Captain Valentin von Pentz. He started out as an officer and became a lieutenant in the Dutch service. However, he said goodbye as early as 1749. "He did not succeed in gaining a secure position in life if he had really strived for it with seriousness." So from 1765 he lived in Penzlin as a private citizen in modest circumstances. From his 1762 marriage with Ida Benedicta von der Lühe from the Oberhof house (1734–1779) he left three children.

Pentz dealt with the genealogies of the Mecklenburg nobility on the basis of the collections of Johann Heinrich von Hoinckhusen (approx. 1700 - approx. 1746), who probably died at the end of 1746 , "as it seems to be about earning money" . He had received these from his heirs in 1766 and since then has been busy improving and increasing them. He probably lived a not inconsiderable part of the income from the delivery of genealogical records to noble families. It is believed that all such work was probably done by him during his time. The description of the von Bülow family , which the Mecklenburg-Strelitz Secret Chamber Councilor Jakob Friedrich Joachim von Bülow revised to Klaber and had printed in 1780, as well as the list of the Mecklenburg nobility , which appeared under the name of Minister Christoph Otto von Gamm , is certain from him .

His genealogical collection came to the Grand Ducal Archive in Schwerin with his written estate .


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