Dalby (Skåne)

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Sweden Scania location map.svg
Localization of Skåne in Sweden
State : Sweden
Province  (län): Skåne County
Historical Province (landskap): Gentle
Municipality  : Lund
Coordinates : 55 ° 40 ′  N , 13 ° 21 ′  E Coordinates: 55 ° 40 ′  N , 13 ° 21 ′  E
SCB code : 3380
Status: Crime scene
Residents : 6302 (December 31, 2015)
Area : 4.12 km²
Population density : 1530 inhabitants / km²
List of perpetrators in Skåne County
View over Dalby
The Holy Cross Church in Dalby
The entrance to the Holy Cross Church

Dalby is a place ( Tatort ) in the southern Swedish province of Skåne län and the historical province of Skåne . The village is located in the municipality of Lund east of Malmö and Lund and evolved since the 1970s to a villa - suburb . Dalby is known for nature reserves and the oldest episcopal church in Skåne.


The Holy Cross Church in Dalby is the oldest stone church in Scandinavia . The baptismal font and the pillared hall (crypt / vestibule) date from the 12th century. The church owes its current appearance to a renovation in 1758 and a restoration in 1936, which ensured that the remaining parts of the wall from the first church building in 1060 are visible. However, the crypt from the middle of the 12th century and a baptismal font from the same period are more impressive. The neat plastic processing of the short, compact columns and the mighty cube capitals are remarkable. Similar forms can be found in Romanesque buildings in Lower Saxony and the Rhineland, although a century earlier.

The episcopal church was founded in 1060 when the German missionary bishop Egino received the easternmost part of the former diocese of Roskilde . Dalby only remained a bishopric for a few years ; then the diocese was united with the Archdiocese of Canterbury belonging to the Diocese of Lund . This was headed by Bishop Egino and subordinated to the Archbishop in Bremen . In Dalby, however, an important monastery and a royal residence belonging to the Danish crown remained, which was connected to the monastery and the church. The so-called Dalby Book was also created in the monastery. This is one of the oldest manuscripts still preserved . The Danish King Harald Hen (1041-1080) is buried here.

Comparison of Dalby and Lund Episcopal See

When Dalby is compared to Lund at the turn of the millennium, there are many and distinct similarities. The village of Dalby, like the city of Lund, is located on the south side of an eyrie - Romeleåsen - overlooking a large part of the southern skies . In the Dalby crypt as well as in Lund Cathedral there is a source that indicates that both places must have been important places of worship in pre-Christian times (i.e. before the 11th century) . Such cult places were often also the meeting places of a thing . There was a court in Dalby until the second half of the 20th century.

Dalby is about 15-20 kilometers from the west coast of Skåne, about 10 kilometers east of Lund and - like this one - on the ancient highway from southwest Skåne to the east. But some factors were different:

  • The long religious tradition of the place probably spoke in favor of Dalby as the bishopric.
  • For Lund, it was more the great importance of the city that spoke. It was attacked by the Norwegians , burned to the ground and then relocated a few kilometers, but Lund had been a well-known ruling city for a very long time.
  • The location at a crossroads also spoke for Lund. Main routes in north-south and east-west ran through Lund before the 11th century.

In retrospect, it was fortunate that Lund and Dalby were elevated to equal episcopal seats. This may have spared the town of Lund, which was previously relocated and connected to Denmark , from competition with the old, primeval cult site Dalby. The unity of the unified Danish empire seems to have been protected and at the same time the Germans and the English fought over the main role in the Christianization of the region, which could only have been useful to the Danish king.


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