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Deadly Blessing
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Deadly Blessings reunion appearance on the Keep It True
Deadly Blessings reunion appearance on the Keep It True
General information
origin Turnersville , New Jersey , United States
Genre (s) Power metal , thrash metal
founding 1985, 2006
resolution circa 1990
Founding members
Ski (Norman Kiersznowski)
Tom Umba (also Tom Bach and Tony Kerr)
Tony Sgro
Nick Douglas
Wayne Kellie
Current occupation
Stephen Childs
Tony Sgro
Tom Umba
Brain McCleery
Wayne Sigman
former members
Jaff Camarco
Mark Stevola
Tom Brown
Dan Pettalina
Jim Alessi
Chuck Wild
Pete Quatrone
Larry Betson (1989-1994)

Deadly Blessing is a power metal band from Turnersville, New Jersey . Although the band achieved cult status in the underground , they still did not make the breakthrough and broke up after the first album. After a long absence from the stage, the band played for the first time in 17 years at the Keep It True Festival in Lauda-Königshofen . The band also released an album with early demos and unreleased songs in 2005. In 2006 the band performed again in Germany and announced a new album.


Deadly Blessing emerged in 1985 from a cover band called Tormentor, which played songs by Judas Priest , Iron Maiden , Queensrÿche , WASP and Dio . A self-financed EP under their name, which is sometimes referred to as Salem's Lot because of the first song , brought them a record deal with New Renaissance Records . These released both the EP and Ascend from the Cauldron , the band's first and only studio album. The line-up broke up shortly thereafter, among other things because New Renaissance Records mainly took care of their own band Hellion and so neglected all other activities. The band tried for two years to break off the label, but New Renaissance Records successfully prevented this. In 1990 a demo and another EP appeared, after which the band broke up. Bass player Nick Douglas joined Doro in 1991 . Remnants of the band tried their hand at the band Optimus Prime, which, however, did not bring out any further publications apart from a demo.

In 2005 the band was asked to play a reunion show at the Keep-It-True Festival in Lauda-Königshofen . In fact, the band reunites in the original line-up for this and another gig. The performance was later released on DVD. At the same time, the metal label Hellion Records from Itzehoe released the compilation An Eye to the Past . This was followed in 2006 by an appearance at the Swordbrothers Festival IV in Andernach and an appearance at the Boricua Metal Fest III in Puerto Rico . A cover version of Lizzy Bordens Notorious was published on YouTube from the latter appearance . A studio version should appear on a tribute album that was never realized . Instead, it didn't appear on Harder Than Steel - The Official Keep It True Festival Tribute Album from Skol Records until 2014 .

The band also wrote new pieces, but, as in 1990, conflicts arose with singer Ski (Norman Kiersznowski). Ski left Deadly Blessing on November 14, 2006 and formed the white metal band Faith Factor . Stephen Childs came to replace him. A first demo appeared in 2007. With the exception of a promo single in 2008, the band was quiet afterwards.


Deadly Blessing play a mix of Power Metal and Speed ​​Metal , reminiscent of other US metal bands such as Exciter , Helstar , Nasty Savage and Omen . The music is complex and also reminds of early Fates Warning . The singing was extremely high. Singer Ski developed the style from trying to sound like Rob Halford , Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate . The lyrics deal with fantastic as well as political and historical subjects.


The band's commercial success was mainly prevented by their then record company New Renaissance Records. Although the album was never officially released in Germany, the band was known in the underground there and is one of the great cult bands of the 1980s. The album is still a sought-after rarity today.



Singles and EPs

  • 1988: Deadly Blessing (New Renaissance Records)
  • 1990: Psycho Drama (Blessed Event Music)
  • 2008: Utopia in Flames / Devided (in-house production)


  • 2005: An Eye to the Past (Hellion Records)


  • 1987: Demo 1987
  • 1990: Psychodrama
  • 2007: Demo 2007


  • 2005: Keep It True IV (compilation)


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