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Delosperma aberdeenense

Delosperma aberdeenense

Nuclear eudicotyledons
Order : Clove-like (Caryophyllales)
Family : Midday flowers (Aizoaceae)
Subfamily : Ruschioideae
Genre : Delosperma
Scientific name

Delosperma is a genus of plants fromthe afternoon flower family (Aizoaceae). The botanical name of the genus is derived from the Greek words delos for 'open' and sperma for 'seed' and indicates that the seeds are visible in the opened capsules.


The species of the genus Delosperma grow shrubby , rarely form clumps , are creeping or compact. Often a taproot is formed from which new branches spring. The internodes are papillary or smooth. Its fleshy foliage leaves feel soft to the touch. They are flat to round, mostly more or less semicircular with a concave to rutted top and a rounded convex underside. There are bladder cells of various shapes, sizes, and densities. The stomata are not sunk in the leaf surface, although they are occasionally covered by large, densely arranged bladder cells.

The flowers appear individually, but are usually grouped in large dichasial inflorescences, often also in annual cymes . The single flowers are separated from each other by more or less long internodes. Five very unequal sepals are formed. The petals are narrow to spoon-shaped. They are arranged in one to four circles. The color of the petals varies from white to pink, purple, yellow, salmon, orange and rusty red. They are rarely scarlet, carmine or wine colored. Filamentous staminodes are present. The nectarium consists of five separate glands. The flowering time extends from spring to midsummer. The flowers open in the morning and close at night.

The five -compartment , pale-colored, hygrochastic capsule fruits are funnel-shaped at their base, but the compartments are flat. Usually there are wide flap wings and parallel swelling strips, but no fan ceilings and no occlusion bodies (capsules of the Delosperma type). The fruits usually contain brown, spherical, smooth or papillary seeds .

Systematics and distribution

The genus Delosperma is found in eastern Botswana , Eritrea , Ethiopia , Kenya , Lesotho , Madagascar , eastern Mozambique , Réunion , Saudi Arabia , central and eastern South Africa , Swaziland , Tanzania , Yemen and the south of Zimbabwe spread. The species usually grow in summer rainy areas , where precipitation amounts to more than 400 millimeters per year.

The first description of the genus by Nicholas Edward Brown was published in 1925. The type species is Delosperma echinatum . The genus Delosperma includes the following species:

Delosperma sensu lato also includes the genera Corpuscularia and Hartmanthus .

Botanical history

Louisa Bolus put 1927 subgenus Euryphyllum , into which only the type Delosperma tradescantioides einbezog

Several attempts have been made to structure the genus Delosperma in an inquirer way. Louisa Bolus established the subgenus Euryphyllum in 1927 , in which she only placed the species Delosperma tradescantioides . In 1966, Mary Lavis distinguished five groups without taxonomic rank, which she called Angustifolia , Planifolia , Cymosa , Carinata and Compressilatera . Three years later it went a step further and divided the genre into 29 sections , of which it only validly described three.



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further reading

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