Delvecchio (TV series)

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Television series
German title Delvecchio
Original title Delvecchio
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1976 - 1977
length 60 minutes
Episodes 22 in 1 season
genre Thriller
Theme music Billy Goldenberg
idea Joseph Polizzi ,
Sam Rolfe
production William Sackheim ,
Steven Bochco ,
Michael Rhodes
music Billy Goldenberg ,
Richard Clements
First broadcast September 9, 1976 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
September 25, 1979 on Das Erste

Delvecchio is an American crime series by Joseph Polizzi and Sam Rolfe with Judd Hirsch in the title role.


Delvecchio tells the story of metropolitan police officer Sergeant Dominick Delvecchio , who works in the crime control department of the Los Angeles Police Department in Washington Heights. Together with his rather burly colleague, Sergeant Paul Shonski , he investigates drug crimes , car thefts and murder cases and combats corruption himself in his own department. His boss is the tough but personable Lieutenant Macavan .

When Delvecchio is not on duty, he spends time with his Italian father Tomaso in the hairdressing salon, who cannot understand why his son became a police officer. He is also studying for the first state examination, which he has already failed several times.


The only one season television series was broadcast from September 9, 1976 to July 17, 1977 on the US broadcaster CBS for the first time and made Judd Hirsch known to a wide audience; But he had his worldwide breakthrough two years later with the sitcom Taxi , for which he received two Emmy Awards .

In German-speaking 16 of the 22 episodes were first time in 1979 in the First broadcast and in the 1980s and 1990s on the third regional programs of ARD and the German private television -Sendern RTL and Super RTL repeated several times. The episodes My Brother's Keeper (episode 21) and The High Price of Justice (episode 22) never aired.

The series was produced by Steven Bochco , from whom later successful series such as Hill Street Police Station and New York Cops - NYPD Blue come. The actors Charles Haid and Michael Conrad later also belonged to the cast of the police series Hill Street Police Station . The creative minds behind the series were Joseph Polizzi and Sam Rolfe; the writing duo was responsible for the agent series Solo for ONCEL in the 1960s and Rolfe is one of the authors of the classic western series Have Gun - Will Travel , which was broadcast with great success on US television and as a radio version in the late 1950s has been.

On May 23, 2006, Universal Home Video released a selected episode on DVD as part of the series Brilliant But Canceled: Crime Dramas intended for the US market .


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