The bull from Tölz: Red roses

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Episode of the series Der Bulle von Tölz
Original title Red roses
Bulle von Tölz.svg
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
classification Season 5, episode 4
28th episode in total ( list )
First broadcast September 27, 2000 on Sat.1
Director Jörg Grünler
script Jörg Grünler
production Ernst von Theumer junior
music Kristian Schultze
camera Walter Kindler
cut Susanne Hartmann

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Rote Rosen is a German television film by Jörg Grünler from 2000 based on his own script. It is the 28th episode of the crime series Der Bulle von Tölz with Ottfried Fischer as the main actor in the role of Chief Inspector Benno Berghammer. It was first broadcast on September 27, 2000 on Sat.1 .


In Bad Tölz, a serial rapist spreads fear and terror, especially among the female population. He always proceeds according to the same pattern: He penetrates through the terrace or balcony door, stuns the victim and leaves a bouquet of roses. Due to the syringes left at the crime scenes, the trainee inspector Alexandra Steffen suspects the perpetrator in the medical field. So far he has left his victims alive, but it is to be feared that he will eventually kill someone.

Resi Berghammer does not want to wait any longer until her son Benno succeeds in arresting the perpetrator, and rounds up a self-defense group for women led by Jacky Wong .

Truck driver Herbert Faltermaier finds his wife dead when he comes home from a tour from Italy one night. The victim was drugged, handcuffed, gagged and strangled; the syringe is still in place and the face is covered with roses. The husband has an alibi through his tachograph. Apparently the serial killer struck again - this time with a fatal outcome.

Alexandra Steffen notices that all the crimes were committed on a Wednesday, and that in the very same district where Commissioner Sabrina Lorenz lives. This gives the young inspector the idea of ​​setting a trap for the perpetrator: She wants to lurk as a decoy in Frau Lorenz's apartment for the rapist. This plan goes completely wrong because Benno Berghammer falls asleep in the car in front of the house and is denounced as a spanner to the police and the press. Under the lightning storm of the press photographers he is led away by patrol officers, but released again after a short time. Public Prosecutor Dr. Zirner is beside himself about this unauthorized action and suspends the commissioner, who takes the idea of ​​this action on his head. When his mother also accuses him of having nowhere to be seen, he starts looking for another place to stay, but because of the hype in the press, nobody wants to give him a room.

When Commissioner Lorenz met the attractive gynecologist Dr. Raimund Vogler, whom she met a week earlier in an Italian restaurant, runs into and talks to, calls her colleague Berghammer and warns her about the doctor. In the course of the failed campaign, he saw that Dr. Vogler walked past her apartment with a bouquet of red roses. Sabrina Lorenz can't believe that and breaks the connection. But when Dr. Vogler approaches her again after saying goodbye, she rejects him and sends him away. In front of the apartment she finds a bouquet of roses and in an envelope several index cards from the doctor's office with the names of his patients, all of whom have already been visited by the perpetrator. In a panic, she calls her colleague over, and while she waits for him, Dr. Vogler again in front of her apartment and begs to be admitted. She lets him fidget for a while, then she pulls the door open, confronts him and accuses him of being the murderer, but he denies everything. When Benno Berghammer arrives, he asks the doctor for his alibi for the night of the murder. Dr. Vogler claims to have gone back to the Italian restaurant. The inspector lets him go and arranges for an observation - with success: the doctor rings the bell for his office assistant and is promptly let in. Further research shows that it was against Dr. Vogler gave two cases of sexual assault that were dropped for lack of evidence.

The next day, Benno Berghammer went to the suspect's practice and learned from Ingrid Keller's office assistant that Dr. Vogler wanted her to give her an alibi for the night of the murder; they have been a couple for two years. She deposited the roses and the index cards with Frau Lorenz because she didn't dare go straight to the police, she just had a terrible idea. During this conversation, Berghammer learns that the doctor's alibi has broken and takes him to the police station. Dr. Vogler denies all allegations, including the relationship with Ms. Keller and that he asked for an alibi from her. When it turns out that the syringe that was stuck in the arm of the murdered man bears his fingerprints, he is arrested.

Commissioner Alexandra Steffen says goodbye to Berghammer and Lorenz; her next training station is the FBI .

Prelate Hinter comes to the police station to save the investigators from making a serious mistake. Without violating the secret of confession , he informs the commissioners that Dr. Vogler could not have committed the attacks because he was not the person who confessed to him. His wording suggests that it was a woman. Berghammer and Lorenz bet on Ingrid Keller, who, however, does not seem to have a motive. They want - again without the public prosecutor's knowledge - to play off the doctor and his office hours assistant against each other by having Dr. Release Vogler and tell him it was Frau Keller; but they want to tell her that he is innocent.

Ingrid Keller picks up her boss from prison and drives him home. You go into the garage and Frau Keller closes the gate. Minutes later she comes out alone and drives away in the car; Policeman Pfeiffer takes up the chase. Berghammer and Lorenz notice that an engine is running in the garage, and they can contact Dr. Get Vogler out just in time.

Meanwhile, Pfeiffer has followed Frau Keller home and wants to wait with her there for the inspectors. She offers him a coffee, which he gratefully accepts. Instead, she incapacitates him with an anesthetic injection and flees again. When the commissioners can no longer reach the police officer, they rush to Ms. Keller's apartment and wake him up.

At the hospital, it is found that Dr. Vogler was also drugged. When he can be questioned again, he reports to the police officers that Ms. Keller confessed to the attacks on the women and demanded alibis from him. He refused and threatened to go to the police.

Ingrid Keller is tracked down at the Sylvensteinspeicher ; she wants to throw herself from the viewing platform. The commissioners can dissuade them from their project by persuading them. She admits the robberies, but she does not want to have committed the murder of Frau Faltermaier. She justifies her actions with the fact that Dr. Vogler had not returned her love; she had saved herself for him and wanted to start a family with him; instead he was only interested in other women, and he even attended some of the patients. She had to punish him, also for trying to put her in prison.

The autopsy report shows that the syringe in Ms. Faltermaier's arm did not contain any narcotics, which indicates the act of a free rider. Since the most obvious free-rider in this case is the victim's husband, Benno Berghammer subjects the tachograph to a more detailed examination and finds that Herbert Faltermaier's information leaves sufficient room for interpretation compared with the mileage. The commissioners confront the truck driver with the assumption that he committed the murder at the time when he was allegedly taking a pee break and then drove around a little to find his wife and then play the shaken husband to the police. Faltermaier escapes with his car, but is arrested after a short time. When arrested he only says that the bitch deserved it.

Resi Berghammer says that if she had known that the serial offender was female, she could have skipped the self-defense course. Since she only has to pass one practical test for her diploma, she takes her son as an opponent and sends him to the ground.


The shooting took place in Bad Tölz (including Haibel haulage company), Lenggries ( Sylvensteinspeicher ) and Gaißach (church); The Hollerhaus Irschenhausen served as the setting for the "Pension Resi" .

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