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City of Friedberg
Derching coat of arms
Coordinates: 48 ° 24 ′ 25 ″  N , 10 ° 58 ′ 27 ″  E
Height : 509 m
Residents : 1753  (December 31, 2016)
Incorporation : May 1, 1978
Postal code : 86316
Area code : 0821

Derching has been part of the town of Friedberg in the district of Aichach-Friedberg ( Bavaria ) since the municipal reform of 1978 .


Derching is eight kilometers northeast of the center of Augsburg and six kilometers north of Friedberg. Similar to Friedberg itself, the town center is significantly higher than the Derching industrial area and some residential areas in the Lech Valley plain. The A 8 leads directly past Derching . The freeway junction 74a “Friedberg (Bayern)” is located near Derching. The district road "AIC 25 new" leads from the motorway junction directly to Friedberg. The airfield Augsburg directly adjoins Derchinger area.


Church of the Conception of the Virgin in the Parish of Derching

The settlements, after the land taking by the Alemanni have emerged and Bavarians in the region in the 6th and 7th century, were usually "the name of the founder, tribal elders and local nobles by appending the syllable -ingen " or " -ing " . All of these places are foundations from the immigration period of the two Germanic tribes. Most of them are not mentioned until a few centuries later.

The town of Derching was also founded during the time of the conquest. The first mention is in a document of the monastery St. Ulrich and Afra in Augsburg from the 12th century. From the 13th to the 15th century the place name Denchiringen, Tenerchingen, Tenrichinge, Tenrcichingen, Terrichingen and Tarching is mentioned. The Swabian ending "-ingen" indicates the original Swabian settlement. Only in the wake of the increasing Bavarian state influence by the superior ducal district court Friedberg was the name of numerous places in the region east of the Lech shortened to the Bavarian ending "-ing".

On May 1, 1978 Derching was incorporated into the city of Friedberg.


Derching is divided into Oberdorf and Unterdorf. In the upper village there are several intact farms, the church, the primary school and the Derching volunteer fire brigade , which has existed since 1876 and has 42 active members.

In the Unterdorf there are comparatively few intact farms, but there are residential areas and an industrial area. The kindergarten is located in the lower village. There are also several quarry ponds in the lower part of the village, some of which are used for gravel extraction and some as bathing lakes.

The former parish church of St. Sebastian is considered to be one of the best-preserved Romanesque buildings in the area.

At the Derchinger bathing lake or the Derchinger Baggersee (size: approx. 370 x 320 m; water area: approx. 6 ha) there are parking spaces, lawns, children's swimming area, bathing island, kiosk, toilet and water watch station .

Dickelsmoor , the district of the former municipality of Derching, is located approx. 1 km west of Derching.

The Kohlstatt holiday complex is located near the northern border of the town and is much smaller than Dickelsmoor.

coat of arms

The Derching coat of arms was created by the Augsburg heraldist Hermann Korhammer and vividly summarizes the local history: The golden Afra cross in the middle symbolizes Derching's affiliation to the St. Ulrich and Afra monastery in Augsburg. The three blue diamonds on a silver background come from the seal of the ducal Marschalke von Schiltberg, whose possession Derching passed as an official loan after the purchase by Duke Otto II. The colors blue on a silver background indicate that after the Marschalke von Schiltberg died out in the 14th century, Derching fell back to the Wittelsbach family and was assigned to the Friedberg maintenance office. The half golden gear in the shield base symbolizes the structural change in recent times: on the one hand the increasing industrialization in Derching and on the other hand that a not inconsiderable part of the Derching people earn their daily bread as commuters in Augsburg. The coat of arms has remained unchanged to this day.


Volunteer Fire Brigade building

Derching has several clubs and organizations:

  • Derching Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Horticultural Association
  • French horn shooters Derching
  • Derching water rescue service
  • Derching warrior and soldier association
  • Gymnastics and sports club Derching
  • Local history association Derching
  • CSU local branch Derching

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