Detention - detention can be fatal

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German title Detention - detention can be fatal
Original title Detention
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2011
length 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Joseph Kahn
script Mark Palermo ,
Joseph Kahn
production Richard Weager ,
Mary Ann Tanedo
music Melissa Reese ,
Brain Mantia
camera Christopher Probst
cut David Blackburn

Detention - detention can be fatal is an American horror - comedy film from the year 2011 .


An outsider at Grizzly Lake High School, Riley Jones has an unrequited love for her childhood friend, Clapton Davis. Clapton, however, has a crush on Ione, a beautiful and selfish cheerleader. Clapton has her ex-boyfriend Billy Nolan - who, it turns out, is an insect contaminated by a meteorite - beat up. All three are in their final year of high school and are looking forward to graduating. But shortly before graduation, a serial killer named Cinderhella , who likes the Scream franchise , is up to mischief at the high school.

Right at the beginning of the film, his most popular student, Taylor, falls victim to him, and later he kills Billy at a party. Throughout the film he tries to kill Riley, who can escape him again and again, but who no one - not even the police - wants to believe. Principal Verge, the bitter headmaster who has been in love with Ione's mother since high school, believes the murderer must be among the graduates and an angry student who is the now wants to turn the graduation ceremony into a bloodbath. So he has all suspects detained on prom day, including Riley, Clapton and Ione, as well as a Gothic girl, a classmate in love with her, an exchange student from Canada, an absolute bore, Clapton's best friend Sanders and an ominous classmate who has been detained for 19 years.

It turns out that Ione is actually her mother and that her spirit in turn resides in the body of her mother of the same age in 1992. Sanders and Clapton have suddenly disappeared, the long-term back-seat user reports on the end of the world in 1992 based on an equation he solved, and the Canadian suddenly hangs dead on the door of the room, so that everyone leaves detention and goes to school to look for their classmates, where they find their halved headmaster. They learn that the school stuffed bear is a time machine and they think Clapton traveled to 1992 to destroy the future. Riley mounts the bear, finds Clapton, but realizes he's not the bad guy - it is Sanders. He tries to get Verge's young self to detonate a bomb because Ione's mother doesn't want to go to graduation with him. Riley and Clapton persuade Ione in their mother's body to go out with Verge, thus preventing the end of the world. When Clapton and Riley flee, Sanders blows himself up with no further effect.

Back in the present, they have arrived at a new timeline where Riley and Clapton are a couple, Ione has aged and is married to Verge, the bore in the school band, and Ione's mother has a relationship with him. Everything seems great until it turns out that Sanders is a psychopath in this timeline as well. In the end, Riley and Clapton are able to overwhelm him, but a short time later aliens attack - a plant race whose scout the Canadian was in the group and which are now attacking Earth.

In the whole film, the 1990s play a decisive role as "the new 1980s" and are absolutely hip.


The film was largely financed by Joseph Kahn himself. The budget was $ 10 million. In July 2010 it was announced that Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook had got lead roles in the horror film Detention . At the same time it was also announced that Josh Hutcherson would be the film's producer. Filming took place in Los Angeles from August to October 2010 .


The film celebrated its world premiere at the South by Southwest Festival on March 13, 2011. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions received the worldwide distribution rights and released the film on April 13, 2012 in selected US theaters. The film was released in Canada on April 27, 2012.

In Germany, the film was released directly on DVD on September 27, 2012.


Director Joseph Kahn and actress Shanley Caswell at an LA Film School screening in April 2012
role actor German speakers
Clapton Davis Josh Hutcherson Patrick Roche
Riley Jones Shanley Caswell Maren Rainer
Ione Foster Spencer Locke Farina Brock
Billy Nolan Parker Bagley Patrick Schröder
Sander Sanderson Aaron David Johnson Tim Schwarzmaier
Elliot Fink Walter Perez Manuel Straube
Sloan Erica Shaffer
Principal Verge Dane Cook


On the Rotten Tomatoes site , 32 reviews rated 31% positive.

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