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The German Society for Medal Art (DGMK) is committed to the preservation and promotion of German medal art. It was founded on June 15, 1991 in Bonn. Today the non-profit association has more than 200 personal and corporate members. The composition of artists and museums , collectors and scientists , manufacturers and dealers guarantees the long-term promotion of the medal as a sophisticated work of art.

As a registered association, the society has its seat in Berlin and offers a forum for all those interested in old and new medals.

Founded on June 15, 1991

On June 15, 1991, many friends of the art of medals met in the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Haus in Bonn to watch the exhibition “Awakening - Breakthrough” jointly developed by the Münzkabinetten Berlin and Munich. Zeitzeichen in der Deutschen Medallkunst “to open again. The medal friends who had traveled from East and West wanted to overcome the split into two medal societies. The Rheinisches Landesmuseum was a conference venue with the aim of uniting the "German Medal Society" (West) and the "German Society for Medal Art" (East). The result of the separate discussion was the vote on the association to found a (comprehensive) German society for medal art. Many artists, medal makers and museum representatives from the old federal states who were present spontaneously joined.

tasks and goals

The society would like to serve the research of the historical medal art and in accordance with the aims of the Fédération Internationale de la Médaille (FIDEM) the special promotion of the contemporary medal.

The registered association wants to promote art and culture by bringing together scientists, friends and collectors of medals, medal-creating artists as well as manufacturers and dealers. For this purpose, the association organizes exhibitions, symposia and lectures and promotes the edition of medals.


Hilde Broër Prize

The German Society for Medal Art sees itself as a sponsor of the modern art medal. For this reason, the company initiated the Hilde Broër Prize together with the municipality of Kressbronn on Lake Constance . The society as well as the community of Kressbronn (center of life of the artist for the second half of life) have set themselves the goal of honoring outstanding medal artists with the Hilde Broër Prize.

Hilde Broër's significant position in the development of the contemporary art medal should be tied to a price that bears her name.

This prize was awarded for the first time in 2005. So far, Hans Karl Burgeff (2005), Heide Dobberkau (2006), Wilfried Fitzenreiter (2007), Gertrud Angelika Wetzel (2008), Peter Götz Güttler (2009), Anna Franziska Schwarzbach (2011), Bernd Göbel (2013), Hubertus von Pilgrim (2013), Eberhard Linke (2015), Klaus Kowalski (2017) and Heidi Wagner-Kerkhof (2019) received this award.

German medalist "Johann Veit Döll"

The engraving and medal making trade in Suhl has a centuries-old history. Famous medalists such as Johann Veit Döll , the Stockmar family, Johann Balthasar GASS, Christoph Carl Pfeuffer and Friedrich Wilhelm Hörnlein worked for Saxon and Prussian rulers and for the Berlin Mint , the Saxon State Mint and the Tsar's Court in St. Petersburg , among others .

Following on from this tradition, the city of Suhl awards a contemporary medal of particularly high quality in artistic and technical terms. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2002 under the name "Johann Veit Döll" engraver from the city of Suhl "and has been awarded under the new name every two years since 2006 together with the German Society for Medal Art.


The society publishes catalogs and monographs on the subject of medal art at regular intervals. In the series “The Art Medal in Germany”, initially “The Art Medal of the Present in Germany” (Vol. 1–3), various topics from the field of historical and contemporary medal art are dealt with. So far 29 volumes have been published. A number of the volumes were created in close cooperation with the Gitta Kastner Foundation of the Numismatic Commission of the States in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Münzkabinett of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

  • Volume 1, 1992: The Contemporary Art Medal in Germany 1988–1991. 102 pages
  • Volume 2, 1994: Wolfgang Steguweit (Ed.): The contemporary art medal in Germany 1991–1993. 156 pages
  • Volume 3: 1994: Kestner Museum Hannover (ed.): The contemporary art medal in Northern Germany 1974–1994. 63 pages. ISBN 3-924029-23-7
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  • Volume 5, 1996: Ulf Dräger: German art medals of the 20th century from the collection of the State Coin Cabinet Saxony-Anhalt . 167 pages. ISBN 3-7861-1955-4
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  • Volume 7, 1997: Wolfgang Steguweit (ed.): Art and technology of the medal and coin. The example of Berlin. 432 pages. ISBN 3-7861-1999-6
  • Volume 8, 1998: Martin Heidemann: Medal art in Germany from 1895 to 1914. 545 pages
  • Volume 9, 1999: Elisabeth Wynhoff: Hans Karl Burgeff - medals. Plaques. Coins. Complete directory 1951–1997. 188 pages
  • Volume 10, 1999: Wolfgang Steguweit (Ed.): The Art Medal in Germany 1995–1998. 240 pages. ISBN 3-7861-2329-2
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  • Volume 13 / I, 2000: Jochen Klauß: The Goethe medal collection - Volume I: Inventory catalog. 482 pages. Medals No. 1 - 1949
  • Volume 13 / II, 2000: Jochen Klauß: The Goethe medal collection - Volume II: Inventory catalog - Sources. 258 pages. Medalists, people, symbols, literature
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  • Volume 16, 2002: Bernd Göbel - medals, plastic, devices, graphics
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  • Volume 20, 2004: Wolfgang Steguweit: Hilde Broër - sculptor and medalist. Life and work. 320 pages. ISBN 3-7861-2490-6
  • Volume 21, 2005: Elke Bannicke: Johann Christian Koch - Medalist of the Baroque. 255 pages. ISBN 3-7861-2512-0
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  • Volume 25, 2008: Beate Thiemer and Ulf Dräger (eds.): Jutta Osten. A daring life. 168 pages. ISBN 978-3-937751-53-5
  • Volume 26, 2008: Wolfgang Steguweit (Ed.): Hilde Broër Prize for Medal Art. Exhibition of the award winners 2005–2008. 112 pages. ISBN 978-3-9804329-2-4


  • Ingrid Szeiklies-Weber , Wolfgang Steguweit (Ed.): Awakening, Breakthrough. Time signs in German medal art. Medals, reliefs, small sculptures , exhibition catalog in cooperation between the State Coin Collection Munich and the Coin Cabinet of the State Museums in Berlin, Munich: State Coin Collection, 1990, ISBN 3-922840-00-0

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