The diamond hell on the Mekong

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Original title The diamond hell on the Mekong
The diamond hell on the Mekong Logo 001.svg
Country of production Germany , France , Italy
original language German , English , Thai
Publishing year 1964
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Gianfranco Parolini
(as Frank Kramer )
script Wolf C. Hartwig
Johannes Kai
production Wolf C. Hartwig
music Martin Böttcher
camera Rolf Kästel
cut Herbert Taschner

The Diamond Hell on the Mekong is an adventure film by Gianfranco Parolini from 1964, which was made in a German-Italian-French co-production. The film, shot in Bangkok among other places , was released in German cinemas on June 19, 1964.


A large number of diamonds have been sold via Amsterdam for some time . Research by a journalist has shown that the diamonds come from an illegal mine in Thailand not far from the Mekong. The head of the mine is a certain John Yakiris. Two interest groups are after the diamonds: a gang of gangsters led by a man with the code name "The Yellow Tiger" and the international diamond syndicate, which wants to take possession of the mine in order to control the worldwide diamond trade. Before the journalist can describe the exact location of the mine to his secretary, he is murdered.

The Syndicate wants to find out where the mine is and sends their best man, Vermeeren, to Bangkok to meet with a diamond dealer named Si Ting Mo, a trading partner of the Syndicate. At the airport in Bangkok, Vermeeren meets the journalist Werner Homfeld, who suspects that Vermeeren wants to find out the location of the mine and therefore wants to stay on his heels. Vermeeren is called to the phone and Homfeld is distracted by the beautiful Vivian Lancaster, who also wants to fly to Bangkok because she works as a doctor on a snake farm on the Mekong. When the passengers on the flight to Bangkok are called, Homfeld is irritated that Vermeeren is suddenly a different man. In Bangkok, he also showed great interest in the diamonds and the location of the mine. Again and again Homfeld and the wrong Vermeeren run into each other, watch each other and try to be smarter than the other. The false Vermeeren is beaten up; Homfeld also barely escapes an assassination attempt. Both go to Si Ting Mo and sit in the evening in the lunar club, where the wrong Vermeeren has made an appointment with the Yellow Tiger. A brawl soon ensues here, in which the allegedly unemployed jungle leader Joe Warren proves to be particularly powerful. He saves the British Gloria Pickerstone, who is on the road with her servant Smokie and who would love to go on a safari. Joe agrees to accompany her into the jungle.

The fake Vermeeren got Si Ting Mo to request new diamonds from the secret diamond farm. During the handover, the various interest groups clash: Homfeld, the false Vermeeren and the men around the yellow tiger try to get the bag with the money. Homfeld can finally secure it and later hand it over to the wrong Vermeeren. He notices that an envelope with a map is missing. This not only shows the location of the snake farm, but also the location of the mine. In the meantime, crazy John Yakiris has had all exits in the diamond mine equipped with explosives. Escape attempts are punished with death and rebels are killed by Yakiris' snakes. When the camp doctor starts a revolt against Yakiris, he too is killed. Now that a doctor is missing from the camp, Yakiris orders Vivian Lancaster to be kidnapped.

Homfeld, the wrong Vermeeren, Joe, Gloria Pickerstone and Smokie are out and about in the jungle. Here they are watched by the people around the Yellow Tiger, whose real name is Richard, who make it difficult for them to get ahead. Richard and his girlfriend Jeanette May-Wong are checked by an employee of the kidnapped Vivian, who asks them for help. Without further ado, Jeanette pretends to be a doctor and drives with the employee and some of Richard's men to the group around Homfeld. Together they reach the snake farm. When Jeanette and Richard's men want to steal all of the group's cars, she is discovered. Homfeld and the fake Vermeeren, who are now working together, recognize Jeanette as the friend of the Yellow Tiger from the lunar bar. They escort them to the place where they suspect Richard. Wild shooting ensues while the Gloria Pickerstone accidentally finds access to the mine. Homfeld and his people as well as Richard and his supporters rush to the mine. Richard and his men die when the alarmed John Yakiris has the access bridge blown up. Homfeld, the fake Vermeeren, Gloria, Joe and Smokie are captured, but Homfeld's joy at seeing Vivian alive prevails. She warns her friends about John Yakiris; once she was his doctor in the mental hospital in Bangkok. In fact, Yakiris is insane and has had the entire mine bombed to blow up every house on the ground. After killing most of the workers in this way, he wants to flee with Vivian. When she doesn't follow him immediately, he locks her in one of the huts, which he wants to blow up like Homfeld and the others. Homfeld and the others manage to escape. They free Vivian and disarm Yakiris, who is lynched by the now free laborers of the camp. Shortly afterwards, the police arrive, who informed Homfeld of their destination before they left. Now it also turns out that the wrong Vermeeren is actually called Jack McLean and is a commissioner at Interpol. Joe Warren is also really a cop. Gloria is disappointed, but quickly turns around and wonders what a policeman would be like as a husband.


role actor Voice actor
Dr. Vivian Lancaster Marianne Hold Eva Pflug
Jack McLean Horst Frank Helmo Kindermann
Joe Warren Brad Harris Heinz Engelmann
Gloria Pickerstone Dorothee Parker Rosemarie Fendel
John Yakiris Gianni Rizzo Harald Wolff
Richard Philippe Lemaire Holger Hagen
Jeanette May-Wong Michèle Mahaut Rose-Marie Kirstein
secretary Elisabeth Volkmann Ursula Herwig


For the film service , Die Diamantenhölle am Mekong is a “third-class assembly line product”.


The Italian title is La sfida viene da Bangkok .

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