The pensioner gang

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German title The pensioner gang
Original title Going in style
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1979
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Martin Brest
script Martin Brest
Edward Cannon
production Tony Bill ,
Fred T. Gallo
music Michael Small
camera Billy Williams
cut Carroll Timothy O'Meara
Robert Swink

The Pensioner Gang is a 1979 film that Martin Brest wrote and directed the script. The leading roles were played by George Burns , Art Carney , and Lee Strasberg . The casino scenes were filmed in Aladdin Las Vegas .


Joe, Al, and Willie are three seniors who share an apartment in New York City . They live on welfare checks and spend their time reading the newspaper, sitting on benches and feeding pigeons. It's a dull life and Joe ultimately realizes that he needs to do something radical to break the monotony: why not rob a bank? Neither of the three has a criminal past, but the planning alone fills the three with optimism. Al secretly borrows a couple of pistols from his nephew Pete's gun collection. Masked with Groucho Marx nasal glasses, the trio robbed the bank and looted 35,000 US dollars.

Unfortunately, the excitement is too much for Willie, who dies of a heart attack that same day . At his funeral, Joe and Al decide to give most of the money to Pete and his family and gamble the rest away on a trip to Las Vegas . Meanwhile, the eccentric heist has gotten a colorful story through the media and the police are getting closer to the criminals. The night after returning from Vegas, Al dies in his sleep, leaving Joe alone. On the way to As a funeral, Joe is arrested. When As a nephew arrives at jail to visit Joe, he tells Pete not to disturb. Joe explains that he is getting three decent meals a day and that he is being treated like royalty. The film ends when Joe is escorted to his cell after the visit.


“A rogue comedy with a wise sense of humor about three pensioners who break out of an uneventful, poor life and carry out a bank robbery, but cannot look forward to long success and a surprising game win. A small masterpiece of quiet humor, fascinating art of representation and psychologically coherent description of the milieu. "


In 2016, director Zach Braff re- filmed the story under the title Abgang mit Stil with Morgan Freeman , Michael Caine and Alan Arkin in the leading roles.

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