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A dimer is a molecule or a group of molecules that consists of two often identical subunits, the monomers . In terms of size , molecular weight and complexity , the dimer is the simplest oligomer or polymer . The process of dimer formation is called dimerization .

Homodimers and heterodimers

Dimers are divided into:

  • Homomers: the two monomers are identical
  • Heterodimers: the two monomers are different, but often very similar.

Link types

The subunits in dimers can be linked to one another in different ways. The most common type is the covalent bond . Strongly polar compounds or proteins can also form non-covalent dimers, in which van der Waals , dipole , electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions as well as hydrogen bonds play a decisive role for cohesion.


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