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The relevant, characteristic length dimensions of an object are usually named with dimensions .

Knowing the dimensions is particularly important in logistics and in the shipping industry in order to be able to plan and book the loading of railway wagons , containers , trucks and ships . The planning and handling of dimensions also play an important role in all engineering sciences , architecture , manufacturing technology and more.


Planning and handling of dimensions

In manufacturing technology there is the sometimes trivial problem of which changes in dimensions are possible or to be expected. Trivial examples:

  • A possibly irregularly shaped piece of raw material can be machined on a lathe ( lathe , lathe) to first produce a cylinder and then only a finished part with a smaller diameter and length .
  • In a rolling mill , the length and width of a cuboid body can be increased at the expense of the thickness (height). The same applies to dough that is rolled out to cut biscuits.
  • A less trivial example: disposable PET beverage bottles are only heated again shortly before filling to reduce transport costs and then inflated to their final dimensions.

Changes in dimensions are also not entirely unknown in the shipping industry. In the case of air freight , inflation of the transported goods or the packaging with reduced air pressure must be taken into account or avoided. A car standing on its own wheels bends in and out during transport and thus changes its height.

A fit clearance is necessary so that parts can be easily pushed inside one another . For a tight fit, roughness, elasticity, pressing in and expansion when heated are relevant.

Orders of magnitude

The dimensions of objects can be illustrated by comparing them with known objects. Some examples are given in the following table:

object Range in meters
Atomic nucleus
Hydrogen atom
Diameter of a deoxyribonucleic acid molecule
or a - fullerene
Thickness of gold leaf
size of viruses
Baker's yeast - cell
Diameter of the hair of a human head
Size of dust mites
Radius of spaghetti
Diameter of a euro cent - coin
Diameter of a cultivated apple
Height of a limousine
Height of a single-family house
Length of a soccer field
Length of a runway
Diameter of a middle town
height of Mount Everest
Upper limit of the mesosphere
Radius of the moon
Diameter of the earth
Diameter of the sun
Diameter of the lunar orbit
Three light seconds
Half a minute of light
Radius of the earth's orbit
Light hour
Size of the solar system
Light year
Radius of the local interstellar cloud
Thickness of the Milky Way system
Diameter of the Milky Way System
Diameter of galaxy clusters
Radius of the Virgo supercluster
Diameter of the great wall
Diameter of the observable universe

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