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The Duyfken replica on the Swan River
The Duyfken replica on the Swan River
Ship data
flag AustraliaAustralia Australia
Ship type Yacht / pinasse
home port Cairns
Owner Duyfken Foundation of Fremantle
Shipyard Duyfken Shipyard
Launch January 24, 1999
Whereabouts Seaworthy museum ship
Ship dimensions and crew
19.9 m ( Lüa )
width 6.0 m
Draft Max. 2.3 m
displacement 100 GRT
crew 25 permanent crew
Rigging and rigging
Rigging Barque
Number of masts 3
Number of sails 11
Sail area 290 m²
under sail
Max. 7 kn (13 km / h)
Willem Jansz's voyage of discovery on the Duyfken 1605–1606

The Duyfken ("dove") was a small ship that was built in 1595 in the Netherlands .

It was a fast, lightly armed ship that was probably originally intended to transport small, valuable goods or as a pirate ship. In 1606 it reached mainland Australia during a voyage of discovery from Bantam ( Java ) under the leadership of Willem Jansz . Janszoon was then considered the first European explorer of Australia.

Replica of the Duyfken

The ship was recreated in full size by the Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of Western Australia and was launched on January 24, 1999 in Fremantle . It was used for goodwill trips to Sydney , Queensland , Indonesia , Sri Lanka , Mauritius , South Africa and finally Texel .

The replica is on display for public viewing in Perth on the Swan River .

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