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Province coat of arms
Basic data
Area : 9,662.92 km²
Residents : 11,452,491
Population density : 1185 inhabitants / km²
Capital : Serang
governor H. Rano Karno
Location in Indonesia
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Banten (formerly also Bantam ) is an Indonesian province in the west of the island of Java . The province was separated from the Jawa Barat Province in 2000 .

In the west, the Sunda Strait separates the province from the island of Sumatra , in the east it borders on the city of Jakarta and the province of Jawa Barat. There are several large cities in the greater Jakarta area, including the metropolis of Tangerang .

With over 1,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, Banten is very densely populated. The majority of the population is Sundanese and most of them profess Islam (97%). The capital of Banten is Serang .

The province benefits economically from its proximity to the Indonesian capital Jakarta. The airport of this city is located in the province and the sea trade with Sumatra is carried out to a significant extent via Banten. A growing role does the tourism one.

The region was Islamized in the 16th century, and in 1568 an important sultanate was established , which was particularly important in the spice trade. In 1682 an existing British base was subjugated by the Dutch , and in 1809 the entire region . During the Second World War it was occupied by the Japanese . Banten has been part of this island republic since Indonesia's independence in 1949.

The name of a weight class in boxing is derived from Bantam, the former name of the province .

Administrative division

coat of arms Kabupaten / Kota
administrative district / city
Seat of government location Kecamatan
Kelurahan / Desa
Area [km²] population

2010 Census

Population density

Inhabitant / km²

Lambang kabupaten lebak.png Lebak (administrative district) Rank kasbitung Locator kabupaten lebak.png 28 345 000000000003426.56000000003,426.56 000000001204095.00000000001,204,095 000000000000351.0000000000351
Logo Pandeglang.gif Pandeglang (administrative district) Pandeglang Locator kabupaten pandeglang.png 35 339 000000000002746.89000000002,746.89 000000001149610.00000000001,149,610 000000000000419.0000000000419
Logo kabupaten serang.png Serang (administrative district) Ciruas Locator Kabupaten Serang.png 29 326 000000000001734.28000000001,734.28 000000001402818.00000000001,402,818 000000000000809.0000000000809
Logo kabupaten tangerang.jpg Tangerang (administrative district) Tigaraksa Locator kabupaten tangerang.png 29 274 000000000001011.86000000001,011.86 000000002834376.00000000002,834,376 000000000002801.00000000002,801
Lambang Kota Cilegon.png Cilegon (Kota) Cilegon Locator kota cilegon.png 8th 43 000000000000175.5000000000175.50 000000000374559.0000000000374,559 000000000002134.00000000002.134
Lambang Kota Serang.jpg Serang (Kota) Serang Locator Kota Serang.png 6th 66 000000000000266.7100000000266.71 000000000577785.0000000000577.785 000000000002166.00000000002,166
Lambang Kota Tangerang.png Tangierang (Kota) Tangierang Locator Kota Tangerang.png 13 104 000000000000153.9300000000153.93 000000001798601.00000000001,798,601 000000000011685.000000000011,685
Lambang Kota Tangerang Selatan.svg Tangerang Selatan (Kota) Tangerang Selatan Locator Kota Tangerang Selatan.png 7th 54 000000000000147.1900000000147.19 000000001290322.00000000001,290,322 000000000008766.00000000008,766
Provinsi Banten Serang 155 1,551 9,662.92 10,632,166 1,100

Changes in the territorial structure

  • By law No. 32/2007, the city (Kota) Serang was spun off from the administrative district of the same name (Kabupaten) as an independent administrative unit. Valid from August 10, 2007.
  • The city (Kota) Tangerang Selatan was separated from the administrative district (Kabupaten) Tangerang as an independent administrative unit by law No. 51/2008. Valid from November 26, 2008.


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Individual evidence

  1. Law No. 32/2007
  2. Law No. 51/2008

Coordinates: 6 ° 24 '  S , 106 ° 4'  E