Jawa Barat

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Jawa Barat
Province coat of arms
Basic data
Area : 37,994 km²
Residents : 46,668,214
Population density : 1228 inhabitants / km²
Capital : Bandung
governor Ahmad Heryawan
Location in Indonesia
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Jawa Barat (German West Java ) is a province on the Indonesian island of Java . It is bordered to the west by the city of Jakarta and the province of Banten , which was separated from Jawa Barat in 2000, and to the east by Jawa Tengah . In 2015, 46.6 million people lived in the province, making it the most populous in the country.

The majority of the population of the densely populated province consists of Sundanese , around 94% of whom profess Islam. The largest cities are the capital Bandung , Bogor , Depok and Bekasi in the greater Jakarta area and the former sultanate capital Cirebon .

Jawa Barat is the most industrialized province in Indonesia. It benefits from the proximity to the capital Jakarta. Important branches of the economy include oil and gas processing and the textile industry. Tourism also plays an important role, especially on the beaches of the north and south coast. Bogor with its botanical garden and Cirebon are the most famous sights.

The region was Islamized in the 15th and 16th centuries and became one of the earliest places where Europeans settled. At first the province belonged to the Sultanate of Mataram and was gradually placed under Dutch colonial administration. The capital Bandung belonged to the Dutch colony from 1677, the more remote areas only in the 19th century. After the Japanese occupation in World War II , Jawa Barat became a province of the now independent Indonesia in 1949.

Administrative division

Jawa Barat consists of the following 18 administrative districts ( Kabupaten ) and 9 cities ( Kota ):

coat of arms Kabupaten / Kota
administrative district / city
Seat of government location Kecamatan
Kelurahan / Desa
Area [km²] Population (2011) Inhabitants / km² (2011)
Lambang Kabupaten Bandung.png Kabupaten Bandung Soreang Map of West Java highlighting Bandung Regency.svg 31 276 000000000001756.65000000001,756.65 000000003235615.00000000003,235,615 000000000001842.00000000001,842
Logo Kabupaten Bandung Barat.gif Kabupaten Bandung Barat Ngamprah Map of West Java highlighting West Bandung Regency.svg 16 165 000000000001335.60000000001,335.60 000000001537402.00000000001,537,402 000000000001151.00000000001,151
Logo Kabupaten Bekasi.jpg Kabupaten Bekasi Cikarang Map of West Java highlighting Bekasi Regency.svg 23 187 000000000001269.51000000001,269.51 000000002677631.00000000002,677,631 000000000002109.00000000002,109
Lambang bogor.jpg Kabupaten Bogor Cibinong Map of West Java highlighting Bogor Regency.svg 40 430 000000000002997.13000000002,997.13 000000004857612.00000000004,857,612 000000000001621.00000000001,621
Logo kab ciamis.jpg Kabupaten Ciamis Ciamis Map of West Java highlighting Ciamis Regency.svg 36 353 000000000002740.76000000002,740.76 000000001560021.00000000001,560,021 000000000000569.0000000000569
Lambang Kabupaten Cianjur.gif Kabupaten Cianjur Cianjur Map of West Java highlighting Cianjur Regency.svg 32 360 000000000003594.65000000003,594.65 000000002210267.00000000002.210.267 000000000000615.0000000000615
Lambang Kabupaten Cirebon.gif Kabupaten Cirebon Sumber Map of West Java highlighting Cirebon Regency.svg 40 424 000000000001071.05000000001,071.05 000000002104313.00000000002,104,313 000000000001965.00000000001.965
Lambang Kabupaten Garut.gif Kabupaten Garut Tarogong Kidul Map of West Java highlighting Garut Regency.svg 42 442 000000000003094.40000000003,094.40 000000002447287.00000000002,447,287 000000000000791.0000000000791
Lambang Kabupaten Indramayu.png Kabupaten Indramayu Indramayu Map of West Java highlighting Indramayu Regency.svg 31 316 000000000002092.10000000002,092.10 000000001693610.00000000001,693,610 000000000000810.0000000000810
Reynan-Karawang-emblem.jpg Kabupaten Karawang Karawang Map of West Java highlighting Karawang Regency.svg 30th 309 000000000001914.16000000001,914.16 000000002165996.00000000002,165,996 000000000001132.00000000001,132
Logo Kabupaten kuningan.jpg Kabupaten Kuningan Kuningan Map of West Java highlighting Kuningan Regency.svg 32 376 000000000001189.60000000001,189.60 000000001054183.00000000001,054,183 000000000000886.0000000000886
Lambang Kabupaten Majalengka.jpeg Kabupaten Majalengka Majalengka Map of West Java highlighting Majalengka Regency.svg 26th 336 000000000001343.93000000001,343.93 000000001187417.00000000001,187,417 000000000000884.0000000000884
Lambang Kabupaten Pangandaran.jpg Kabupaten Pangandaran Parigi Map of West Java highlighting Pangandaran Regency.svg 10 92 000000000450658.0000000000450,658
Lambang Kabupaten Purwakarta.jpg Kabupaten Purwakarta Purwakarta Map of West Java highlighting Purwakarta Regency.svg 17th 192 000000000000989.8900000000989.89 000000000867828.0000000000867.828 000000000000877.0000000000877
Lambang Kabupaten Subang.jpeg Kabupaten Subang Subang Map of West Java highlighting Subang Regency.svg 30th 253 000000000002164.48000000002,164.48 000000001491464.00000000001,491,464 000000000000689.0000000000689
Lambang Kab Sukabumi.svg Kabupaten Sukabumi Palabuhanratu Map of West Java highlighting Sukabumi Regency.svg 47 367 000000000004160.75000000004,160.75 000000004383450.00000000004,383,450 000000000001054.00000000001,054
Lambang Kabupaten Sumedang.gif Kabupaten Sumedang Sumedang Map of West Java highlighting Sumedang Regency.svg 26th 279 000000000001560.49000000001,560.49 000000001113238.00000000001,113,238 000000000000713.0000000000713
Tasikmalaya Regency Seal.png Kabupaten Tasikmalaya Singaparna Map of West Java highlighting Tasikmalaya Regency.svg 39 348 000000000002702.85000000002,702.85 000000001705763.00000000001,705,763 000000000000631.0000000000631
Lambang Kota Bandung.svg Bandung Bandung Map of West Java highlighting Bandung City.svg 30th 151 000000000000168.2300000000168.23 000000002437874.00000000002,437,874 000000000014491.000000000014,491
Logo kota banjar.jpg Banjar Banjar Map of West Java highlighting Banjar City.svg 4th 25th 000000000000130.8600000000130.86 000000000178302.0000000000178,302 000000000001363.00000000001,363
Coat of arms of Bekasi.png Bekasi Bekasi Map of West Java highlighting Bekasi City.svg 12 56 000000000000213.5800000000213.58 000000002376794.00000000002,376,794 000000000011128.000000000011,128
Bogor coa.png Bogor Bogor Map of West Java highlighting Bogor City.svg 6th 68 000000000000111.7300000000111.73 000000000967398.0000000000967.398 000000000008658.00000000008,658
Logo-Cimahi.png Cimahi Cimahi Map of West Java highlighting Cimahi City.svg 3 15th 000000000000041.200000000041.20 000000000550894.0000000000550,894 000000000013371.000000000013,371
Lambang Kota Cirebon.gif Cirebon Cirebon Map of West Java highlighting Cirebon City.svg 5 22nd 000000000000040.160000000040.16 000000000301711.0000000000301.711 000000000007513.00000000007,513
Lambang Kota Depok.png Depok Depok Map of West Java highlighting Depok City.svg 11 63 000000000000199.4400000000199.44 000000001769787.00000000001,769,787 000000000008874.00000000008,874
Lambang Kota Sukabumi.png Sukabumi Sukabumi Map of West Java highlighting Sukabumi City.svg 7th 33 000000000000048.960000000048.96 000000000304044.0000000000304.044 000000000006210.00000000006.210
Lambang Kota Tasikmalaya.jpeg Tasikmalaya Tasikmalaya Map of West Java highlighting Tasikmalaya City.svg 10 69 000000000000184.3800000000184.38 000000000646874.0000000000646,874 000000000003508.00000000003,508
Provinsi Jawa Barat Bandung 626 5,918 37,173.97 45,826,775 1,233


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