Edith McGuire

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Edith McGuire

Edith McGuire ( Edith Marie McGuire , after marriage McGuire Duvall ; born June 3, 1944 in Atlanta , Georgia ) is a former American athlete and Olympic champion .

The youngest of four children, raised in Atlanta, she ran for Tennessee State University , which had a very successful sprinter team in the 1960s , including three Olympic champions, Wilma Rudolph , Wyomia Tyus and McGuire.

Your sprinter career was short. She won six Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) titles at three different events. Her favorite course was the 200-meter (or 220 yards) run, in which she won four of her six national titles. In 1964 she was part of the US Olympic team for the Tokyo Olympics . Here she first won the silver medal in the 100-meter run behind her compatriot Wyomia Tyus and in front of the Polish Ewa Kłobukowska . She then won gold with an Olympic record over 200 meters ahead of Polish Irena Kirszenstein and Australian Marilyn Black . In the end she won team silver in the 4 x 100 meter relay .

A year later she ended her sporting career, married Charles T. Duvall and worked as a teacher. The couple later moved to Oakland , where they own three McDonald’s branches. In 1979 Edith McGuire was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the United States Athletics Federation.

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