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Antonio Cardinal Poma (born June 12, 1910 in Villanterio , Province of Pavia , Italy , † September 24, 1985 in Bologna ) was Archbishop of Bologna .


Antonio Poma received his theological training in Pavia and Rome . He received the sacrament of ordination on April 15, 1933 and then became secretary to the Bishop of Pavia and teacher at the diocesan seminary , which he headed from 1947 to 1951 as rector .

On October 28, 1951, Pope Pius XII appointed him . as titular bishop of Thagaste and auxiliary bishop in the diocese of Mantua . He was ordained bishop on December 9, 1951 by Carlo Allorio (it) , Bishop of Pavia , co- consecrators were Vittorio De Zanche (it) , Bishop of Concordia , and Giuseppe Piazzi , Bishop of Crema . A year later Antonio Poma was appointed coadjutor bishop of the diocese of Mantua with the right of succession, in 1954 he became bishop of Mantua. From 1962 to 1965 he took part in the Second Vatican Council . Pope Paul VI appointed him in 1967 titular archbishop of Hierpiniana and coadjutor archbishop in Bologna. A year later he succeeded Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro after his age-related resignation as Archbishop of Bologna. On April 28, 1969 Paul VI took him. as a cardinal priest with the titular church of San Luca a Via Prenestina in the College of Cardinals . In the same year Antonio Poma became chairman of the Italian Bishops' Conference , which he remained until 1979. He represented the Pope as the papal envoy at several celebrations. In 1983 he resigned the leadership of the Archdiocese of Bologna due to illness.

Antonio Poma died on September 24, 1985 after heart problems in Bologna and was buried in the Cathedral of Bologna .


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