Edwin Benckiser

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Edwin Benckiser (born December 20, 1809 in Durlach , † February 25, 1889 in Mannheim ) was a lawyer and politician from Baden .


Edwin Benckiser was the son of the Pforzheim merchant Johann Adam Benckiser. At the age of 13 he entered the Karlsruhe Lyceum , where he passed the final exam in spring 1828. He then studied law at the University of Heidelberg , where he passed the legal state examination in 1833 with the grade "good". His teachers at the university included professors Thibaut , Zachariae , Morstadt , Mittermaier and Schlosser . After a two-year internship at the Oberamt Durlach , Benckiser spent about a year in Paris and Dijon. There he familiarized himself with the implementation of the Civil Code , since the Baden land law had followed the example of French civil law throughout the 19th century since 1810. In December 1837 he joined the secretariat of the Baden Ministry of the Interior. In 1839 he was appointed official assessor in Durlach. In 1842 he was promoted to assessor at the court court of the Middle Rhine District in Rastatt . In 1845 he reached the judicial position of court judge. With the court court of the Middle Rhine District, Benckiser moved in this position to Bruchsal. In 1855 he went from there to Mannheim, where he was appointed senior court judge. After the reorganization of the Baden judiciary on October 1, 1864, Benckiser took up the position of district and court court director in Mannheim. The district and court court of Mannheim was responsible for the districts of Mannheim, Heidelberg and Mosbach, and since 1868 as the Rhine navigation supreme court for the whole of the Grand Duchy of Baden . In 1869, Benckiser accepted an offer to become Vice Chancellor of the Badischer Oberhofgericht , which until 1879 had its seat in Mannheim Palace . A few months after his appointment as Vice Chancellor, he moved up to the position of Chancellor at the Oberhofgericht in Mannheim. On May 1, 1872, he returned to the Mannheim District and Court Court and became its president. In 1879 the district and court court was converted into the Mannheim district court . There Benckiser held the position of district court president until the end of his life. Shortly before his death, Benckiser celebrated his 50th anniversary in the service of the Grand Duchy of Baden at the age of 79, on the occasion of which he received a congratulatory telegram from the Baden Justice Minister Wilhelm Nokk .


From 1881 to 1882, Benckiser was a member of the First Chamber of the Baden Estates Assembly appointed by Grand Duke Friedrich and also acted as President of the Chamber during this time.


Edwin Benckiser was married to Emma, ​​born Reichardt from Durlach, from 1841 until his death in 1889. The marriage produced three sons and four daughters, all of whom reached adulthood and were still alive when their father died.