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Else Marie Friis (born June 18, 1947 in Holstebro ) is a Danish botanist and paleontologist . Your official botanical author abbreviation is " EMFriis ".

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Friis, whose father had a bookstore in Skive, studied geology and botany at the University of Aarhus with a master's degree in 1975 and received his doctorate in 1980 ( Microcarpological studies of Middle Miocene floras of Western Denmark ). As a post-doctoral student, she was at Bedford College of the University of London (with William Gilbert Chaloner ) and David Dilcher in Bloomington (Indiana) . In the early 1980s she discovered some well-preserved fossil flowers from the Upper Cretaceous in Åsen in Skåne with the pollen specialist Annie Skårby, which they published in Nature in 1981 . In 1987 she became a professor of palaeobotany at the Natural History Museum in Stockholm. In 1995 she was visiting professor at the University of Zurich .

She is particularly concerned with paleobotany of flowering plants, about which she also edited a book with William Gilbert Chaloner and Peter Crane ( The origin of angiosperms and their biological consequences , Cambridge University Press 1987). She is particularly concerned with their reproductive biology and paleoecology in the Cretaceous Period. In addition to Crane, she also works a lot with Kaj Raunsgaard Pedersen.

She is a member of the Danish , Swedish , Norwegian and Chinese Academy of Sciences , since 2017 also the American Academy of Arts and Sciences , since 2020 external member of the Royal Society . In 1999 she received an honorary doctorate in Uppsala . In 1992 she received the Niels-Roséns-Linné Prize in botany. In 2009 she became a corresponding member of the Paleontological Society .

She is the editor of Grana magazine . A Japanese colleague named a fossil plant genus after her ( Elsemaria ).


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  • with PK Endress: Origin and evolution of angiosperm flowers , Advances in Botanical Research, Volume 17, 1990, pp. 99-162

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