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Emil Vetter (born December 2, 1878 in Voitsdorf , Northern Bohemia , † March 15, 1963 in Vienna ) was an Austrian linguist .

life and work

Emil Vetter attended the Staatsgymnasium zu Böhmisch Leipa and after graduating in 1897 studied classical philology , epigraphy and comparative linguistics at the University of Vienna , where he was particularly influenced by the epigraphist Eugen Bormann and the linguist Paul Kretschmer . Vetter completed his studies with the state examination, but not with a doctorate .

After completing his studies, Vetter taught at various Austrian (mainly Viennese) high schools from 1902 to 1936. In the First World War he served from 1915 to 1918. From 1923 he was director of the Piarist high school in Vienna. On the occasion of his retirement in 1936 he was appointed councilor.

In addition to his school service, Vetter continued his scientific studies. A travel grant enabled him to go on an educational and research trip to Italy, Greece and Asia Minor in 1907/08. From November 18, 1910 to August 31, 1912 he worked on the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae in Munich. His research focus was the Italian dialects and languages. He wrote essays and lexicon articles for the Realencyclopadie of classical antiquity , among other things on the Ligurians , the Messapic language and the Osker . Vetter made a special contribution to the decoding of the Etruscan language . In old age he received high honors for his work: in 1952 the Austrian Academy of Sciences elected him a corresponding member, in 1955 he received an honorary philological doctorate from the University of Vienna. Vetter was buried at the Gersthof cemetery .

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