Endless pain

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Endless pain
Studio album by Kreator


June 1985


Spring 1985

Label (s) Noise Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Thrash metal , speed metal , death metal

Title (number)

10 14 (remastered version)

running time


  • Bass : Roberto Fioretti
  • Drums , vocals: Jürgen “Ventor” Reil


Horst Mueller

Studio (s)

CAT Studio, Berlin

- Endless pain Pleasure to Kill

Endless Pain is the debut album by the German thrash metal band Kreator . It was released on Noise Records in June 1985 . It was also released as a limited edition on red vinyl . In 2000 it was re-released as a remastered version with the songs from the End of the World demo as bonus tracks.

Origin and style

After Kreator got a record deal with Noise with the two demos Blitzkrieg and End of the World, recorded in 1984/85 under the name Tormentor , they went into the studio in Berlin in spring 1985, then as a trio, to record their debut LP . As on the following album Pleasure to Kill , drummer Jürgen “Ventor” Reil took over some vocal passages. For the tour, the band hired a second guitarist, Michael Wulf von Sodom . The music was heavily influenced by Slayer . Some songs on the album, such as Tormentor and Flag of Hate , the latter being re-released on an EP of the same name and on the remastered version of Pleasure to Kill , developed into band classics over the years.


The album not only influenced the development of Thrash Metal, many Black and Death Metal bands also count it among their influences. In the then Rock Hard , Holger Stratmann gave only a moderate rating with 7.5 out of ten points. One “speed grenade” chases the other, the band is “well above Sodom level”, but Miland “Mille” Petrozza's “roar gets on his nerves”. For Vincent Jeffries of Allmusic , the album is “little more than a starting point”. The album is "hardly a disappointment", but the two following albums are much better. He gave the album two and a half stars out of five. On the other hand, the website www.metal-observer.com writes: “Every song ignites directly and songs like Total Death or Storm of the Beast are timeless breakers!” The record is “heavy, simple and super catchy”. The rating was 8.5 out of ten.

Track list

  1. Endless Pain - 3:32
  2. Total Death - 3:28
  3. Storm of the Beast - 5:01 am
  4. Tormentor - 2:56
  5. Son of Evil - 4:16
  6. Flag of Hate - 4:42
  7. Cry War - 3:45
  8. Bone Breaker - 2:58
  9. Living in Fear - 3:12
  10. Dying Victims - 4:51
  11. Armies of Hell (Demo) * - 5:17
  12. Tormentor (demo) * –- 2:56
  13. Cry War (Demo) * - 4:22
  14. Bone Breaker (Demo) * - 4:01

The bonus pieces of the version from 2000 are marked with *. In 1989 there was a re-release, which instead contained the bonus tracks from the EP Flag of Hate , Take Their Lives and Awakening of the Gods . The piece Flag of Hate was also replaced by the newer version.

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