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Miland "Mille" Petrozza (born December 18, 1967 in Essen ) is a German guitarist and singer, his ancestors come from Italy ( Calabria ).


His first band was a school band called Tyrant, which later renamed itself first Tormentor and then Kreator . He is still active with this thrash metal band today. Alongside Sodom and Destruction, it is one of the best-known representatives of this style in Germany.

In 1994 he played guitar in the metal all-star band Voodoocult , a project by Phillip Boa , in which Dave Lombardo and Chuck Schuldiner also took part. In 2002, Petrozza contributed together with Tomas Lindberg the lead vocals for the track Dirty Colored Knife by the Israeli metal band Nail Within and for the track Nighthawk on the album Divine Blasphemies by the German band Desaster . On the 2004 album Hellfire Club by the band Edguy , he can be heard on an alternative version of the opener Mysteria as lead singer, which can be found as a bonus song. He also contributed vocal passages to the song Zieh diejacken on the 2004 album Hardcore from the First World of the grindcore band Japanese Combat Radio Play , although they didn't advertise it either, so the booklet simply refers to Miland as a guest singer.

On the 2006 album The Undying Darkness by the metalcore band Caliban, he worked on the title Moment of Clarity . He also plays himself in the video IchGott by the band Honigdieb . In 2010, Petrozza contributed his vocals to the song 7 Shots on the Volbeat album Beyond Hell / Above Heaven . He also sang in 2011 on the in-extremo album Sterneneisen with the song Invisible . In 2012 he contributed the guitar to Revolution by Lacrimosa .

Petrozza owns a variety of guitars, his main guitar for many years was a Jackson RR1 , a Randy Rhoads model, which he played almost exclusively live. He now plays his signature models from ESP Guitars. He lives vegan and is committed to PETA .

In February 2019, Petrozza appeared with the Russian painter Andrej Golder in a short documentary in the TV series Art Work of the TV channel ZDF , in which Golder and Petrozza paint a large-format painting on the subject of "World War and Downfall". When interviewed by Andrej Golder, if he knew fear of failure or existential fear, Mille Petrozza replied: "Oh, I've never had that, I've never done it because of the money. I'm super flexible when it comes to my lifestyle. "


with Kreator

with voodoo cult

  • 1994: Jesus Killing Machine

with Nail Within

  • 2002: Nail Within (vocals with Dirty Colored Knife )

with disaster

  • 2002: Divine Blasphemies (vocals with Nighthawk )

with Edguy

  • 2004: Hellfire Club (vocals with Mysteria )

with Japanese combat radio plays

  • 2004: Hardcore from the First World (vocals when you put your jacket on the wrong way round )

with Caliban

with honey thief

  • IchGott (music video)

with Aeba

  • 2008: Kodex V (vocals with The God Below Us )

with Volbeat

with In Extremo

with Callejon

with Heaven Shall Burn

  • 2013: An eye for an eye (vocals)

with Avantasia

  • 2019: Moonglow (vocals on Book of Shallows )

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