Flag of Hate

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Flag of Hate
Extended Play by Kreator





Label (s) Noise Records , Combat Records

Format (s)

MC, 12 "

Genre (s)

Thrash metal

Title (number)


running time


  • Rob: Bass
  • Ventor: drums


Ralf Hubert

Studio (s)

Phoenix Studio

Pleasure to Kill
Flag of Hate Terrible Certainty

Flag of Hate is the first EP from the German thrash metal band Kreator .


Flag of Hate originally appeared on Kreator's debut Endless Pain , but was re-recorded for the EP. This was recorded in 1986 in the Phoenix Studio in Bochum and produced by Ralf Hubert. As executive producer , Karl-U. Walterbach stated. The band itself was "completely dissatisfied" with the production. The EP was supposed to appear for the band's tour and was advertised by Noise Records together with them. Flag of Hate came out before the tour with Destruction and Rage .

The US pressing of Combat Records and the tape released by Combat and Noise Records also contain Endless Pain , Tormentor and Total Death by Endless Pain .

The songs on the EP also appeared on re-releases of the Pleasure to Kill album .

Track list

  1. Flag of Hate - 3:56 (Fioretti / Petrozza)
  2. Take Their Lives - 6:26 (Petrozza)
  3. Awakening of the Gods - 7:33 (Petrozza)

Music genre

Eduardo Rivadavia from Allmusic describes the title song as "fast and furious", the other two pieces as rather "drawn out" and complex. Martin Popoff , in his book The Collector's Guide of Heavy Metal Volume 2: The Eighties, described the music as a mix of Sodom- style Thrash Metal and Razor at breakneck speed.


Oliver Klemm from Metal Hammer described Flag of Hate as a "successful maxi". The new recording on the A-side is better than the version by Endless Pain , Take Their Lifes can "easily withstand the level of the last long player 'Pleasure To Kill'" and is surpassed by Awakening of the Gods , which is "without a doubt the best" “What Mille & Co. have done so far and thus more than justifies a '6' for this tough record. Keep it up! ”Holger Stratmann from Rock Hard wrote in his review exclusively:“ All KREATOR fans can breathe easy. Your group has not become more commercial! ”According to Eduardo Rivadavia, all three pieces would have also fit on the previously released album Pleasure to Kill , so the joint re-release makes sense. Nocturno Culto by Darkthrone and Sarke lists Flag of Hate as a classic of Black Metal . He called this EP “because of the guitar sound and the riffs . Come on! Every second black metal band tries to copy this guitar sound to this day! Unsuccessful, of course. The same also applies to the early Voivod albums, which are all brilliant. "

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