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Ernst Prince zu Schwarzenberg (born May 29, 1773 in Vienna ; † March 14, 1821 ibid) was canon in Cologne and Bishop of Raab .


The son of Johann I. Prince zu Schwarzenberg (1742–1789) and Maria Eleonora, born. Countess Oettingen-Wallerstein , twin brother of Franz de Paula, was domicellar of the cathedral chapter in Cologne from 1783 . Always intended for the clergy, he was instructed in Vienna and from 1782 canon of Cologne, from 1792 at the same time canon in Liège . After the abolition of the cathedral pins there and thus the loss of his benefices from 1795 Canon of Salzburg and from 1796 also in Passau , he also lost these canons with the secularization .

From 1804 on , he resided at Aigen Castle (near Salzburg) and had the park there developed further. The waterfall near Golling an der Salzach was also opened to the public on his initiative. Painting pictures of nature himself, he also wrote a pamphlet about the establishment of a music academy in Salzburg and promoted musical talents such as the soprano Elisabeth von Neukomm or the later Viennese court conductor Ignaz Aßmayer . Organizing house concerts, he took part in these himself as a singer. The support of a number of dedicated works, including Joseph Haydn , 1807 in Vienna by Archbishop Hieronymus Franz Josef Colloredo-Mansfeld for priests ordained. Since 1808 Canon zu Gran ( Esztergom ), he became archdeacon of Schossberg / Sasvár ( Slovakia ) in 1816 , where he also made a visitation . In 1818 Schwarzenberg was appointed Bishop of Raab ( Győr ) - 220 years after the city was liberated from the Turks by his ancestor Adolf von Schwarzenberg . In 1819 he received the episcopal ordination . An active pastoral activity, however, came to an end with his unexpected death.

One of his brothers was Field Marshal Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg (1771-1820), commander in chief of the allied forces against Emperor Napoleon , in the Battle of Leipzig . Felix zu Schwarzenberg (1800-1852), Austrian Prime Minister and his brother Friedrich zu Schwarzenberg (1809-1885), Cardinal and Prince Archbishop of Prague, were among his nephews.


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