FC Eisenach

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FC Eisenach
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Basic data
Surname FC Eisenach eV
Seat Eisenach
founding 2011
Colours blue White Red
Website http://www.fc-eisenach.de/
First soccer team
Venue Wartburg Stadium
Places 4,520
league State class Thuringia North
2018/19 4th Place

The FC Eisenach is a football club from the Thuringian town of Eisenach with over 300 members (July 2011).


The beginning until 1945

Historic logo of SC Borussia

On December 1, 1924, the Borussia Sport Club was founded in Eisenach . The first team played in their first league game season 1925/26 in the 1b class of the Wartburggau , the second division. Already after this first season he was promoted to the 1a class of the Wartburggau, the top division at the time. SC Borussia played there until 1933. In the 1932/33 season, Borussia was even leader of the table and, as a gaumeister, would have been entitled to participate in the Central German Football Championship . Due to violations of the registration requirements of the Association of Central German Ball Game Clubs , however, 13 points were deducted from the club by an association judgment and the championship title was revoked. The SC Borussia Eisenach ended its last season as a first-class VMBV club in 9th place.

After the National Socialists seized power in 1933 , all areas of sport were reorganized as part of the harmonization process . As the new highest play classes 16 Gauligen were created, which were divided into districts for the lower play classes and these in turn in circles. Champion and second in class 1a in 1932/33 were assigned to the new Thuringia district class in Gaues VI (center). After Eisenach's championship title and participation in the Central German Championship had already been revoked at the green table, this also meant relegation to the third division due to the new game structures. In the 1st district class Wartburg (renamed 2nd class from summer 1940) the SC Borussia Eisenach played until the war-related cessation of the game operations at the end of 1944. After the handover of the city of Eisenach to the US troops on April 6, 1945, all kinds of events were held , including football games, are prohibited.

1945 to 1990

Logo of BSG Motor Eisenach

With the Control Council Act No. 2 in October 1945 came the temporary end for SC Borussia; all civil sports clubs were banned and forcibly dissolved. With the participation of former SC Borussia Eisenach players, SG Eisenach-West was founded in 1946 , which was renamed SG Wartburg Eisenach the following year . In the summer of 1949 the company was taken over as a company sports association of the Eisenach automobile plant and renamed initially to ZBSG BMW Eisenach and in June 1950 to BSG Motor Eisenach . In 1954 the BSG became district champion and thus rose to the GDR league . There the team finished in the 1954/55 season with 21:31 points in 10th place in the table and thus rose to the newly founded II. GDR League . In 1962, Motor Eisenach managed to return to the GDR league, where the team played until 1970 and then relegated to the district league as fourth in the table. This was followed by a series of promotions and relegations: First, Motor Eisenach rose again in 1973 in the GDR league, only to be relegated immediately at the end of the 1974 season as the penultimate in the table. Once again, the second highest division could be reached in 1981; at the end of the 1982/83 season Motor Eisenach rose as penultimate table finally from in the district league.

As a GDR league team, Motor Eisenach was automatically selected to participate in the FDGB Cup - a total of 12 times. As the winner of the district cup in 1985 and 1988, the BSG qualified for two more cup appearances. However, the Eisenach team did not get past the second main round in any cup season.

In the all-time table of the GDR league, BSG Motor Eisenach ranks 54th among 199 teams after a total of twelve seasons.

1990 until today

Logo 1990-1997
Logo 1998-2011

After the turnaround and the end of the company sports community, the Wartburgstadt Eisenach sports club was founded in 1990 . In 1992 the club made it to the regional league Thuringia , but rose again to the regional league at the end of the 1993/94 season. A year later, SV Wartburgstadt managed to qualify for the newly created national class, but in 1997 had to relegate to the district league again.

The football department of SV Wartburgstadt Eisenach went its own way from July 1, 1998 as FC Wartburgstadt Eisenach . On the last match day of the 2006/07 season, the FCW was finally the leader of the table and after ten years of the district league made the return to the national class perfect. In the following season the Eisenachers managed to stay in seventh place in the final table. While the FCW played against relegation in the 2008/09 season and did not have to play relegation games to stay in place in the table only because SV 08 Steinach withdrew their team, the 2009/10 national class season was much more successful: The entire season Over occupied the Eisenach places in the upper half of the table and played for promotion until a few game days before the end of the season. FC Wartburgstadt ended the season in fourth place.

For the 2010/11 season, the club's board gave rise to the Thuringian League as a goal. For this purpose, FC Wartburgstadt signed the coaching team of the Oberliga team of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt , Albert Krebs and his assistant coach Uwe Abel . On the penultimate day of the match, the Eisenachers were already established as champions of the North regional class and promoted to the Thuringian League. In addition, another success could be booked with the entry into the semi-finals of the Thuringia Cup. There the FCW was defeated by the national division 1. SC 1911 Heiligenstadt on penalties.

For the 2011/12 season, FC Wartburgstadt merged with the lower-class club SG Hörseltal Stedtfeld and the football department of ESV Lokomotive Eisenach to form the new club FC Eisenach. As a promoter, the merged club finished 9th in the Thuringian League this year. In the 2013/14 season, the Thuringian League mastered the sovereign promotion to the Oberliga Nordost / Staffel Süd. The coach in the 2014/15 season was Daniel Reich. In the top division 2014/15 season, FC Eisenach played against 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig in front of 1,620 spectators at their home Wartburg Stadium at the end of November 2014 , setting a new attendance record. 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig won the game 4-1. At the end of the season in June 2015, MSV Duisburg announced that they would play a test match in Eisenach.


The Wartburg Stadium

The first venue for SC Borussia Eisenach was the Katzenaue military sports field. The hard court still exists today; it serves as an alternative when the main court is not playable due to the weather.

On August 8, 1926, SC Borussia's first own sports field was inaugurated; the opening game against VfB Rudolstadt was won 4-2. The square was on the site of the brickworks in the north of the city, directly on the road to Stregda and no longer exists today.

At the beginning of 1930, a new sports field was completed on what was then Creuzburger Chaussee (today Kasseler Straße, part of Bundesstraße 84 ). The user was initially the Free Sports Association of the ATSB . After the National Socialists 'ban on workers' sports associations in 1933, SC Borussia took over the expropriated sports field from the mid-1930s. After the war, the square was used as a "sports facility of peace" by BSG Motor and its predecessors. Even after the opening of the Wartburg Stadium in 1955, league games were held here for a while. Then the Wartburg Stadium became the home of BSG Motor; Until the early 1990s, the Sports Facility of Peace served as an alternative and, above all, as a training and competition location for the youth teams. In January 1994, lack of money led to the square's closure and it fell into disrepair. Following the demolition of the grandstand and all outdoor facilities, only a free area is evidence of what was once a large sports field.

The home of FC Eisenach is the Wartburg Stadium . When no games could take place there from summer 2010 to spring 2011 due to extensive renovation work, FC Wartburgstadt switched to the neighboring sports facility of friendship for its home games.

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